[Official Drama Page] Brother's Keeper


The serial, set between the years 1980 and 2013, depicts the moral life struggles of two half-brothers Kiu Tin-sang (Ruco Chan) and Law Wai-shun (Edwin Siu) during the late and post-colonial periods of Hong Kong and Macau. Historical events that were set against this era, including Hong Kong's 1980 Touch Base Policy, Macau's relaxed immigration laws of 1982, the 1991 goldsmith robberies, the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong and Macau to China in the late 1990s, the 1998 Hong Kong financial crisis, the 1999 Manganese triad wars, the 2003 Hong Kong SARS outbreak, and the 2008 Hong Kong financial recession, serves as some of the key plot vehicles that drive the changing fates of the brothers and their families.

KO TIN SAN (Ruco Chan) an LAW WAI SHUN (Edwin Siu) are half-brothers, same mother different father. Due to fate, they were not only separated into Hong Kong an Macau, but also grew up in different backgrounds that have caused serious conflict between the brothers. Their mother CHOW YUK MUI (Louise Lee) brought her youngest son WAI SHUN to Macau and lived in a black market. WAI SHUN strived hard to get through all the hardships and challenges with the help of his good friends YIU MAN YING (Kristal Tin) and LONG FEI (Louis Yuen). Ultimately, WAI SHUN set foot on a successful path in life. Living alone in Hong Kong, TIN SAN took shortcuts in life, he partnered with a gangster KEUNG YUNG (Louis Cheung) from the triad and had an affair with a wealthy girl. His actions broke his girlfriend CHEUK JING's (Linda Chung) heart. She eventually losses her beauty an possessions. (credit aZnangel)

Character Info:
Linda Chung as Rachel Cheuk (卓靜; Ceok Zing) — Sang's girlfriend.
Rachel is the second daughter of Lau Wai-kuen, the third wife of the wealthy Cheuk family. Despite her parent's objections, Rachel insists to date Sang. The rejections of Rachel's parents, as well as to fulfill her dream of owning a fashion store to sell her own designs, becomes a contributor to Sang's rising avarice and desire for power.

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