[News] Tiger Cubs II' Cast Exclaims "Delay No More!" Frightening Linda Chung Thinking Its Profanity

Last night Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Mandy Wong, Him Law, Oscar Leung, Christine Kuo and Grace Wong had the Tiger Cubs end-of-filming celebration dinner. Joe Ma generously pulled his wallet out and paid for the some HK$10,000 dinner, while Linda and Him paid for the raffle prizes. Since the filming of this series began, the cast were injured one way or another from the action scenes, and had to wear thick/heavy SDU uniforms during the hot summer weather. The male artists really had it difficult, no wonder they all shouted "Delay No More!" when they popped the champagne. They men frightened Linda so much, she covered her mouth in shock, thinking they were venting out their sufferings using profanity.

Joe expressed Tiger Cubs II filming was truly difficult to bear, thus the cast had to shout out the "Delay No More!" slogan to vent out their feelings, but denied that its a swear word. The cast was just hoping they could hurry up and finish filming the series without any "delay". What if there was a third installment of [u]Tiger Cubs[/i], is Joe willing to participate? He said he will have to see the reaction to this second installment first. If the audience enjoys the sequel, a third installment can be considered. It was rumored Raymond Lam is leaving TVB to establish his own production company, Joe frankly expressed he has this thought too, but hasn't had the time to put the thought to practice.

Linda was asked if she was frightened by the "Delay No More" slogan? She expressed she didn't have many scenes with the SDU members and that it was her first time hearing the slogan, she thought it sounded very special. It was rumored Raymond plans to pull Kate Tsui over to his new production company, did he try to pull her over too? Linda said: "I didn't hear about his new company, nor have I ever asked about his personal business. I don't know whether he tried to pull Kate over, but I still have several years left in my TVB contract."

Mandy Felt Awkward During Intimate Scenes with Him

Mandy played a female SDU member in the series, because she had to wear the full SDU gear to shoot the training scenes and under the blazing heat, she suffered from a heatstroke once. She said: "Because there was no ventilation in the uniform, it got even more stuffy when we had the mask on. When I got home after work, I felt really dizzy and my muscles ached, I think I got the heatstroke!" She frankly expressed the most difficult scenes were having to run up the hill in the heavy SDU uniform and carrying all those weapons. Mandy expressed she and Him Law are a couple once again in this series, and its the series she had the most intimate scenes. She said her romantic storyline involved intimate and bed scenes, "I felt a little awkward, but this is my fourth time collaborating with Him, as long as it fits with the plot, I don't mind hugging and kissing. We're close friends, so the scenes went smoothly. (Fear Tavia Yeung might be unhappy?) We're all friends!"

Christine & Eliza Denies Fallout Rumor

It was reported, because Christine Kuo has gained some weight recently, so Eliza Sam snatched some of her jobs away and ultimately ended up breaking off the sisterly relationship with Christine. Christine defended her good friend Eliza and said she fully trusts Eliza's personal character. They chatted about this rumor before and joked they should consider French kissing to prove that they are not on bad terms. Christine said: "But after more thought, we decided it wouldn't be a good idea, otherwise they'll have to keep doing that every time there is a fallout rumor. We lived together for six months before, I've always been the one who gets taken care of, but she is the first person I had to take care of." She frankly expressed she is planning to take vacation and go back to Canada to look after her mother whom had just underwent surgery and because she's having some personal issues that she wants to take care of.

Source: Mingpao, On.cc
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net