[News] Linda Chung to leave showbiz?


According to Hong Kong media reports, a dispirited Linda Chung has lost interest in showbiz, and will be returning to her home in Canada for a long hiatus.

The starlet, who was busy with concert rehearsals and filming for drama Tiger Cubs 2, was said to have had very little rest in the past months. Despite so, the 29-year-old had no complains as she had wished to put on a good concert for her fans at the concert.

Unfortunately for Linda, things did not go as planned and her very first concert in Hong Kong was met with negative feedbacks, where Linda was criticised for shaky singing, bad dancing and poor stage presence.

According to a source, the series of backlash made Linda dispirited and caused her to cast doubts on her music career. The criticisms also affected the actress, who has since lost confidence in her showbiz performances.

Additionally, Linda was seen looking very distracted during a fighting scene for Tiger Cubs 2 recently, and had many NGs shots as a result.

When asked about the issue, Linda confirmed that she had indeed requested for a long break after filming for Tiger Cubs 2 ends, and has no plans to take on any new projects anytime soon.

It is speculated that Linda wishes to follow in the footsteps of her good friend Aimee Chan, who had recently gotten married and is enjoying a blissful family life.

Source: Xinmsn Entertainment