[News] "Tiger Cubs 2" Big Explosion Scared Residents, Called The Police

Yesterday Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Him Law, Nancy Wu and Mandy Wong were shooting a big explosion scene for TVB new series Tiger Cubs II. The crew chose to shoot the scenes near a large government stadium in Causeway Bay. The scenes started out with Linda opening fire at Timmy Hung, then Nancy drives a car into an office building and threw a grenade. The SDU heard the loud bang and rushed to the scene.

Before the cameras rolled, the cast were relaxed and chatted happily, but once the staff shouted to clear the location, they ran over to their positions for this big scene. Linda, Nancy and Mandy ran over to their distant positions in 9 seconds!

Because the explosion was too severe, the staff asked all artists to take cover to avoid injuries, but among the female artists, Linda had the best treatment. She got to sit in the car and enjoy the big explosion scene in the car. The others had to stand there or crouch besides the car! At the moment of the explosion, the blaze was extremely fierce and not long after the dark smoke filled up 5 stories in the building. The people in the nearby buildings thought there was a real explosion and called the police. Results, several fire marshalls and the police came to the scene. Producer Lam Chi Wah said: "So sorry, the loud explosion sounds frightened everyone. We followed all the procedures and finished shooting the scene in the designated area."

Linda got special treatment from the staff, allowing her to sit in the car during the explosion. Linda was asked if she was in a great panic? She laughed: "I wasn't that scared because the biggest explosion scene I've done was actually in Brother's Keeper, so I had the experience. (Why did you hide in the car?) I'm the most well behaved, the staff kept telling me to get in the car, treating me just like a real BB. Actually I really wasn't that scared. (The explosion scene got the police involved?) Proves how realistic the scene was, we want to show the audience the best. The crew had done all the registrations and applications beforehand, but if the loud scene disturbed other residents, really sorry about that."

Joe expressed Tiger Cubs II filming is ending later this month, and praised the HK Police Force really does work efficiently, they came right to the scene when reported, but he was sorry the explosion caused disturbance to the nearby residents.

Him Captures "Evidence" On Camera

Him expressed he ran to the best place to take over and used his phone to take a picture of the scene. He shared the picture with everyone around him. Him disclosed this is not his first time shooting such a big explosion scene, so he wasn't as frightened as the female artists. He said: "Just now after we completed the scene, I immediately took off my helmet and put up a 'YEAH!' hand gesture to prove that I was in the scene. (Wasn't afraid the heat may melt your phone?) So that's why I used another staff's cell phone to take the pictures, haha!"

Nancy Felt Face Heating Up

Mandy and Nancy expressed this is their first time shooting such an intense explosion scene. Mandy laughed: "I felt scared, but at the same time I wanted to see it. Its so exciting, but when I got up, the explosion already happened. Luckily there were many other people on the set. Just now the camera man said he was filming a similar scene, but ended up losing all his hair. Just hearing that scared me, so I kept my head as low as possible during the explosion. (A resident thought it was real and called the police!) I saw the police come, but we were just filming. If we disturbed the residents, so sorry!" Nancy exclaimed: "It was such a strong explosion. I felt my face heating up. The staff told me to be careful and stand further away!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net