[Magazine] Linda putting on Cinderella’s glass slipper

Linda Chung joined the entertainment industry after winning 2004's Miss Chinese International Pageant and by projecting a pure and girl-next-door image, she had gain a stable position within the tv, movie and singing industry. With a keen interest in fashion and footwear design, she was recently announced as a creative director and ambassador for the brand Ame Group Limited. Linda says a nice pair of shoes can elevate one's aesthetic appearance and self-confidence, an analogy similar to putting on Cinderella's glass slipper and transforming into a princess as if by magic.

In fact, as a former beauty pageant why is Linda not like Cinderella? The truth is that a nice pair of shoes gives her a spiritual lift. After all, a beautiful women without self-confidence is like the outer appearance of a doll (superficial), in contrast to Linda whose smile exudes from the heart.

Linda’s extremely popular at the moment, making appearances on tv, function events and on the radio with her songs being broadcast.  It seems like she is everywhere.

Linda says, "Have been busy lately from promoting the drama series "Missing you", shooting a new drama series, releasing a new album, attending large/small public events and of course participating in Ame's publicity events. Although it has been a very busy year for me, it has been a fruitful one and I'm very happy!"

Being busy in the entertainment industry is a good thing, however if there's little time to rest, isn't it tiring?

L: "As an artist, you cannot control many things. You must take advantage of many opportunities that come up in life. Being busy is better than being free, resting only during the allocated time to re-energize."

(In fact being involved in a job that you like is a blessing. Most jobs involves some sort of pressure?)

L: "Yes. Entering this industry, I understand that this job involves being busy.

--Love is greater than life--
With a busy schedule and no time to rest, is there also not enough time to talk or pursue romance/love?

Linda is already 28 years old, not exactly old but she's not so young either. The thought of never being in love feels like it’s missing something. Moreover in life, one's life should not just be about work.

L: “In a person’s life, love is the most important thing. Entering the industry, everyone assumed I was the kind of girl who thought love was greater than life. But then after seeing me so focused with work, they misunderstood me for being a very career-minded woman. To be honest love occupies a very important position, even on par with my career because I strongly believe in family concepts and values. One day I hope to start my own family and have children.

---My happiness rating is 80% ---
If you want to be happy, you need be learn how to be content and Linda is the best at this.

L: “Yes, if you want to know my happiness score, it is 80%. I really shouldn't be unhappy but there are many ups and downs in life. That is why I will never give myself 100% because I am just flesh and blood."

Linda's simple method to happiness is learning how to be grateful.

---Beauty comes from self-confidence---

L: "Every night before going to bed, I will say my thanks for that day. For example: being thankful for eating the delicious pizza, thankful for not saying anything I should not have said during an interview, etc. I tell myself everyday of the things to be thankful for, always reminding myself that I am blessed with happiness."

We all know that Linda's career originated from winning the beauty pageant and with the confidence to set foot on the pageant stage, her own beauty is a result of self-confidence?

L: "In my opinion, beauty comes from self-confidence. As long as one feels beautiful, that confidence will naturally reveal their beautiful side."

Although confidence accounts as part of beauty, in addition, can certain dress styles highlight an individuals' elegance?

L: "I'm an individual who doesn't like to follow trends since it’s not the thing I'm most concerned with. I’m more concerned with whether the dress feels uncomfortable; if it’s not comfortable how you will radiate the beauty. So I believe beauty comes from being natural and comfortable, coming from the heart with confidence.
Talking of beauty Linda has other tips, especially with makeup, which can enhance natural beauty.

L: "I think a pair of piercing eyes is the most important factor. So every day when washing my face, I will also massage my eyes. Possibly a psychological impact, I always feel that massaging the eyes reduces the swollenness.”

"As for makeup, I do not like thick black eyeliner. Although girls love using heavy eyeliner, I only use eyeliner on the inside so the look will be more natural. The color can also be lighter because this gives people the feeling of cleanliness.

---Not a HK girl---
The editor (of this magazine) does not usually sing praises of her interviewees but this time appreciates Linda. Somebody who is similar to HK women but without the temperament, this feeling left the editor with a question– since entering the industry, what’s the happiest thing?

L: "I remember after being in the industry for four years, I was still very anti-social. Every day I would only know how to shoot drama series and not communicate with the outside world. Finally because of a flu, my whole body was affected from taking the wrong medicine. At that moment I began to pity my self and wondered why I have to be so miserable?”

According to Linda, she took the wrong medicine because she had to shoot two sets of drama series and a movie over the same period of time. So when she fell sick but did not dare to take a sick leave, she consumed her friend's medicine as a substitute. Eventually it ended up in that situation, not understanding why it happened? Linda thinks this is the happiest thing?

L: "As a result, not looking after myself led to my parents getting worried. They slowly saw me change from a happy girl into frowning and concerning individual. I didn’t want to tell them my problems and became more even more isolated... but now I have learned to enjoy happiness at work and how to assure Mom and Dad. So that is the happiest thing since entering the industry, not just winning awards as it is only superficial."

L: “Two days ago I remember I had a toothache which alerted everyone. My dad was afraid I would not eat well so personally ordered and delivered takeaway food to my house. My sister-in-law, whose living with me, then worried that I won't be able to eat it so she cut the food into small pieces for me. Friends on Facebook and weibo also helped with useful advises on toothache.

I pitied Linda when she was afraid to speak up about her sickness because she didn't want to slow down the filming progress.

Source:  ihktv.com
Translation by Jwan@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Thoughts:  My favourite part of this article is, "Linda's simple method to happiness is learning how to be grateful."

Growing up in an environment where I'm fortunate enough to have things handed to me, everything seems like "rights" instead of being what they are, as "privileges".  The rights and privileges, I am referring them in the context of a relationship between a child and their parents.  It's my privilege to receive this laptop from my parents, not a right.  Just like how everyone of us who owns a phone as a gift from our parents, is once again a privilege.  I don't believe that parents are "entitled" to give their children gifts, simply because they want it (ie. the new iphones!!!  which are coming out like crazy...new one every year?).  Getting to the point, we should be grateful for what we have.  I admit I do complain alot and such (my excuse?  i'm a teenager?  lols a very bad excuse!), but I do try to keep in mind to appreciate what I have.  Like what Linda said, learn how to be grateful....because I know that I am much more fortunate than most of the kids out there.

Linda's method is something I will be using from now on.  haha will be tweeting everyday for what I am grateful for!  It's a good way to remind myself to be happy :)

OH  Have you guys noticed that Linda's recent weibo posts have been consisting of  "text.....and this is the happiest thing of the day."  I wonder if this is a part of Linda's method  :)


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