Linda's Weibo Update 14/12/11

剛剛看完fans弄給我的gathering dvd, 可以看到你們辛辛苦苦背後為我安排的一切! 很可愛,很細心,很窩心,很棒! 辛苦你們! 希望你們生活中都充滿正能量, 快樂包住你們。 我跟媽媽一起看到都有淚光:)

Just finished watching the fan-made gathering dvd. I can see all the hard work behind the scenes in preparation for the gathering! It's very cute, meticulous, heart warming and just amazing! Thanks for the hard work! Hope that you guys are also full of positive energy in real life, with happiness surrounding you. I watched the dvd with my mum and we were both tearing up :)

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Thoughts: Aw :)