[news] Linda Chung’s aim – to become TV Queen at age 30

Dressed up as a flower fairy, Linda Chung attended the “Winnie the Pooh Christmas Adventure Land” (Sorry I really can’t think of another way to translate this!) opening ceremony yesterday. Regarding the TVB Awards Ceremony which is due to take place later today, Linda honestly replied that she will face the ceremony calmly. Knowing that her portrayal of the character “Miss Koo” was hugely popular, she already feels that the audience’s support is an award.

Linda states that Myolie Wu is her biggest rival to the Best Actress Award. It was previously reported that since Myolie Wu has received support from Steven Chan, it is inevitable that she will receive the Best Actress Award. When asked whether Linda has already prepared for the worst, she replied, “I’ll treat it like I normally would. Myolie has also put in a lot of effort and she works very hard. So, if she does receive the award, she fully deserves it.”

Neither belonging to the “Steven Chan party” nor the “Virginia Lok party”, Linda seems to be at a disadvantage when it comes to winning awards. She says, “My parents have always taught me to try my hardest when working. Also, my company has offered me many opportunities this year, so I will continue to work hard, and I believe I can become TV Queen in the future.” Linda has set her target of becoming TV Queen at the age of 30. She comments, “After entering the entertainment industry, I have learnt to become more independent, and can now manage a lot of things on my own. I believe I will be even more mature when I’m 30. The age of 30 is a major stepping stone for a lot of women. I still have to work hard for three more years before I reach this stage.”

Translation by jammy@ LindaCottage

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Thoughts: Haha this article just made me realize how young Linda is compared to the other fadans. Yet she've achieved so much already :) She will reach her goal soon ;)