[news] Bosco Wong and Linda Chung Yawn Repeatedly During Work, Myolie Wu Films During Christmas Season in Mainland China

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung Yawn Repeatedly During Work Hours

According to the media centers in Hong Kong, at 9.30pm last night, Bosco Wong and Linda Chung were filming outdoor scenes in Central for their new drama, Dangerous Protection . It is unknown if the two of them had insufficient rest due to hurried filming, but they both alternately yawned from time to time. Linda Chung's yawned so widely that one could stuff a fist inside, and it was relatively scary for people to see.

The two of them were waiting at the harbor for a taxi at the taxi stand, and Linda was seen to say a few sentences to Bosco, before leaving alone to get onto a taxi and leave. Myolie, who has already obtained the valuable role of TV Queen, has to stay in the Mainland over this Christmas season to film dramas and earn money. On the other hand, her 'short-tongued' boyfriend Bosco Wong was left in Hong Kong, busy filming for the TVB Drama. So, the two of them are unable to celebrate this special occasion together.

Source: Xinmin News, http://ent.xinmin.cn...4/13082934.html
Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

Thoughts: Aw, feel bad for them to film over Christmas...but now also without much sleep. Tvb artistes need a bit more relaxation time :/