[News] Linda Chung no supporters, not at a disadvantage

credits linda garden, i-hd

Tonight Linda Chung will be taking part in the TVB Anniversary Awards 2011 Presentation. She frankly said she hopes to get an award for an early Christmas gift. Linda will just think of the awards ceremony like she's attending a party. She looked at the discussion forums and learned that Netizens have been giving her positive response on her Miss Cool role. Even the Taxi driver told Linda to 'add oil', making feel she has already become the Most Favorite Actress in the hearts of the viewers.

Myolie Wu is Linda's greatest opponent. As to the rumor that TVB GM Stephen Chan also supports Myolie? Linda said: "Myolie Wu also put in a lot of effort into her work, very hardworking. If she does win the award, it is well deserved. I don't agree that I don't have parties or groups supporting me. When I first entered the industry, my parents repeatedly urged that I just strive my hardest to do my part. TVB has also given me a lot of opportunities. My goal is to become TV Queen before age 30. When the time comes, I hope to gain both the TV Queen title and a good husband."

Yesterday Linda attended a Christmas shopping mall event, she expressed this Christmas, she will have to spend it through work, but will throw a party and call carryout to celebrate with her colleagues.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum