Lucky Father Synopsis (from Sales Presentation Booklet)

Actors: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Edwin Siu, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu, Cilia Tung, Chow Chung

Plot outline:
Your shop needs to be mortgaged and then repaid off, but the one thing in the world that never needs to get paid off is family. “Lucky Father” Ko Yi Man is a shop owner who has spent his life and all his heart raising his three children. When he decided to spend his life raising his children, he never expected to receive anything back for his love, because for all his children to grow up happily meant the world to him and that was all he ever wanted for them as a father.

Ten or so years ago, “Lucky Father” Ko Yi Man became the boss of “Dak Guang At”. The story begins when his youngest daughter Ko Yu Bo finishes university and returns to Hong Kong from Canada….

The story of “Lucky Father” follows his three children and his hopes of how he wishes they can be successful professionals in the workforce. His eldest son is an optometrist, his second daughter, Yu Chu, is a police woman – a PC (police constable). At least it contains a ‘C’ (This is very Chinese as ‘See’ means professional jobs like Laywers, doctors, etc) Because neither his oldest son and his second daughter are professionals, he hopes that his third and youngest daughter will become a designer to fulfill his dream of his children being professionals.

But when Yu Bo, his youngest daughter returns and tells her father that she doesn’t want to be a designer, she greatly disappoints him. However, Yi Man is happy if his children are happy. He wants Yu Bo to reach her dreams but he doesn’t want to pressure her.

In the end, when his shop is on the verge of closing down, all his 3 children band together to help their father through, but Yi Man doesn’t want to get in the way of his children’s lives and ambitions and thus decides to close down his shop. However, his children have other ideas in mind, and deicide to make his shop into a pawn shop, so that they can help other people in need and make the world a more beautiful place.