[news] Linda Chung Hopes For Simple Wedding, Regrets Not Catching Bouquet At Sister's Wedding

Linda Chung, who came from Canada to Hong Kong, was at Tung Lo Wan to attend a gaming promotional event. She exposed that she was the bridesmaid for her sister during her vacation period, and it was very tiring. She hopes that when she is married, her wedding will be simple. On that day, she was wearing high heels and did not manage to catch the bouquet of flowers, and feels that it is such a waste; next time she has to try harder.

Linda Chung has not had a vacation for more than 2 years, and this time having 2 weeks off the attend her sister's wedding, she says 'This is the first time that I am the bridesmaid, there's actually so much preparation to be made, just like a performance, and it is very tiring from morning to night. If I am to get married in the future, I want everything to be simpler, I don't want it to be so tiring, just the signing of papers and registration is enough." When asked if she had made a conscious effort to snatch the flowers, she laughed and replied, "Yes, I was the tallest person there, and even wore high-heel shoes, and I was the first to touch the bouquet, but it was snatched away. I remember that last year, my sister got married after getting the bouquet. It looks like I have to make an effort to attend more weddings, and try my best to snatch the bouquets."

Source: Sohu, China Web (http://roll.sohu.com...328444593.shtml)
Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage