[news] Linda Chung injures the insides of her legs

Although in the middle of shooting the drama “Dangerous Protection” yesterday, Linda Chung was still able to attend a promotion event for a famous watch making company for half the day despite her busy schedule. Having earned a lot of money this year from attending event and becoming the face of companies, it seems that Linda will have another prosperous new year.

Of course, one can earn a lot more money by attending promotion events as suppose to filming dramas. Linda reveals that she portrays a professional cellist in “Dangerous Protection”, and so, she has had to have cello lessons. “I’ve had 4 lessons so far, but I have to practise the same piece everyday for 2 hours. I’ve even got calluses on my fingers now.”

However, her hard work will not go to waste – she can now just about manage the shooting requirements and does not need to use background music every time. She continues to reveal that she has injured the insides of her thighs the day before yesterday, when they were filming a car crash scene. She said, “The script described that at the moment of the car crash, I had to use my whole body and my pair of legs to protect the cello. I didn’t realise that the edge of the cello was that hard, so in the end, my thighs become swollen and bruised. Good thing that I don’t have to wear a short dress for this event.” Of course, Linda refused to show everyone her bruises, and left the public to imagine themselves the extent of her injuries.

When asked how she planned to spend her Christmas, she appeared to be a bit disappointed. Linda said, “I originally planned to go on holiday, but the scheduling didn’t work out. I have to film “Dangerous Protection” and will have to attend promotion events. That’s still good, because I can earn more money.” When questioned whether she has already congratulated Real Ting (on Miriam Yeung’s rumoured pregnancy), who was attending the same event, she replied that she will wait until Real Ting officially announces the good news before congratulating him. However, she does envy Mr and Mrs Ting’s loving relationship, and also hopes that her future partner will be like Real Ting. At the moment, she can only tell the rest of us, “I’m now looking hard for that special someone.”

Source: hkdailynews.com.hk
Translated by: jammy @ LindaCottage