Linda's Weibo Update 18/03/12

很喜歡的照片! 哥, 你可以放心, 我大哥女了:) //@馬浚偉:在tvb我最疼的妹妹有三個,她,是我最擔心的一個。嘉欣,記得好好照顧自己,哥不在的時候,誰欺負妳,記得告訴哥,我一定為妳出頭,加油!

Steven Ma: In TVB I have 3 sisters that I love, she, I am most worried. Kayan, remember to take care of yourself, brother not here, who bullies you, remember to tell brother, I will sure help you, add oil!

Linda Chung: (In reply to ma jai} Love this photo! Brother, you don't have to worry, I am a big girl now :)

Translated by Susie-Dang-1988@asianfanatics

Thoughts: I love Linda's and Steven's friendship :) And reading their messages is making me feel really sad...

Entering the industry, Linda's first collaboration was with Steven...and from their interviews, Linda would always mention how he took care of her, giving her guidance and pointers. Then in their second collaboration, A Journey Called Life, Linda got really stressed out because beside that series, she also got others shootings at the time. Seeing that, Steven often brought her herbal tea :) Linda even had a breakdown later, crying nonstop for almost an hour and Steven (with Elaine) took turn comforting her...More than an actor, I love Steven Ma for his patience and care towards his colleagues. He's a very sweet guy and I think Linda was very lucky to have him as her first costar :)

oh! For those who don't know, beside Linda, the 2 other girls Steven is talking about are Tavia Yeung and Fala Chen :) Right now...I'm really hoping Steven can sign a one series per year contract with tvb...don't want to see him go Q.Q