[News] Linda Chung Passing Her "Sexiness" Limit By Appearing Half Naked

Recently, Linda Chung took part in an advertisement shooting for a shower gel company and earned a massive six-figure salary. She surpassed her "sexiness" limit - not only did she reveal her shoulders and her long legs, but she also filmed a shot where she gets out of the bath tub half naked.

Born and bred in Canada, she is a 'Westerner'; but she is still very wary of her appearance and image. Her participation in the advertisement shooting for this shower gel company is definitely her bravest appearance yet.

Her partnership with the Japanese Girl

Although the shower scene only occupies a couple of seconds in the advert, the shooting took the whole of the afternoon. The weather was very cold on the day of filming; however Linda was immersed in the water for a very long time as she insisted that the quality of the advert was the most important thing. Linda loves looking natural in her adverts and doesn't want her appearance in adverts to be edited.

Working with Linda during the shooting was also a three year old Japanese girl. The two are very kind and friendly to each other, and the Japanese girl is almost like a daughter to Linda. A couple of months back, Linda's mum visited her in Hong Kong and expressed that she hoped Linda would get married soon as she wanted some grandchilden. Actually, Linda also really likes children too!

Source: news.sina.com/ mingpao.com
Translated by jammy@ LindaCottage