linda's weibo update 18/03/12-20/03/12

**ALL translated by Susie-Dang-1988@asianfanatics

當旺爸爸 3月19號 9:30pm!!!! 明天可以看啦!!很期待! 你們會支持嗎?

Trans: Daddy Good Deeds March 19th 9:30pm!! Tomorrow can see it!! Looking forward! You guys will support?

Thx dear, I Love you too!!!//@Linda鍾嘉欣:大嫂, 我愛你! 在橫店萬萬要小心, 祝拍攝順利!//@胡定欣nancywu:很愛這張相二妹,我們才是一對嗎?! @Linda鍾嘉欣

Nancy Wu: Really love this photo yi mui, are we a pair? [Tagged kayan on the post]
Linda Chung: (Replied back to ding yan's post) Dai So , I love You! Be careful in Hengdian, wish the filming will go smoothly.
Nancy Wu: (Replied back to kayan)


Trans: My snack basket for shooting an advertisement!


Trans: This bedroom our father bought it for us two sisters. It's warm isn't it?

拍廣告中,好驚.... 下一個就輪到我了!!!

Trans: Shooting for an advertisement, I'm is me!!!

到我take a shower啦!

Trans: It's my turn to take a shower!

大家看完當旺爸爸第一集, 喜歡嗎? 可以給一點意見嗎? 謝謝!

Trans: Everyone finished watching episode 1 of Daddy Good Deeds, you like it? Can give give me some advice? Thanks!

當旺高收!average 31 highest 33 謝謝各位觀眾! 大家繼續支持吧!

Trans: Daddy Good Deeds had average 31 highest is 33. Thanks all the viewers! Everyone continue to support!

大大大愛這一場! 妹妹, 我們真很合拍!

Trans: Love love love this scene!! Mui mui (younger sister), we are really compatible!