Linda Appears In Dong Guan, Transforms Into “Challenger Queen”

*pictures credits: 杜海健Benjamin, lindachungvn, lindagarden
The highly rated popular drama “Le’Escargot” has recently ended, and main lead actress Linda Chung appeared yesterday in Dong Guan, China. On 8th March, the first line actress from Hong Kong TVB attended a function for Bio Essence, a beauty brand of which Linda is an ambassador of. Not only did she participated in a “witnessing miracles of beauty skin” themed “hundred people challenge”, but also shared her techniques in maintaining beautiful skin and thoughts about her acting career.

Linseed as part of diet to stay healthy

That night, Linda changed her previous cheeky young lady image, wearing an elegant white short dress for the event. She even transformed herself into a “beautician”, engaging herself in the “hundred people challenge” by doing facial hands on for the participants of the challenge. This was to show the participants of the challenge the visual effects the face slimming effects of the products as promoted by Bio Essence, the Number 1 beauty products brand in Singapore. Another thing which left the participants in awe was Linda’s slim face and smooth skin.

Linda looks even slimmer in person as compared with on television, and even in close range, one cannot see any flaws on her face. What is her strategy to maintain beautiful skin and a slim body? Linda told the reporter at the backstage without any reservations, “After 25 there will be changes in women, thus it is necessary to maintain good skin and watch your diet.” When Linda first emerged in the entertainment industry and appeared in “Virtues of Harmony” and “Heart of Greed”, she still had a cute “puffy face”. During then, she had not yet spent a lot of time on maintaining her skin. It was only when she grew older that she realized the importance of maintaining healthy skin.

Now, Linda will put in a lot of time and effort into maintaining good skin, and insists on doing massages every day. As it is a humid spring season now with polluted air, Linda advises everyone to first maintain good hygiene and sanitation, and then choose a product that suits them. In this season, it is suitable to choose products that refreshes and hydrates the skin.

Also, on the aspect of keeping a slim body, Linda similarly works hard at it. In the past, she would eat pizza, fried chicken and all sorts of unhealthy food without much consideration. However, now, she maintains a much healthier lifestyle. She even revealed her recent love for Linseed, and will add Linseed into drinking water, fruit juice, and soup. “Linseed can increase our immunity, and also get rid of oil in the system”. Additionally, Linda focuses heavily on exercise, stating that she goes to the gym as well as dances every week.

Hopes for challenging ugly or evil characters

It has been 8 years since Linda joined the entertainment industry in 2004. She says, “After busying myself for the past 8 years, I’m feeling tired, and will probably be taking a break in the next 2 months.” Despite that, Linda’s new drama which focuses on kinship and family ties, “Happy Father”, will be airing on 19th March. After her break, Linda will engage in work again in May, filming for a modern drama, and she will also be releasing her 4th album in coming November.

In the hearts of many Linda fans, the impression of Linda is always that of a good natured and beautiful girl, and this is highly correlated to the roles that she portrays on TV. Linda mentioned, “After filming for so many years, I’ve gained some experience, and I do still hope to be able to try out some different roles, such as some ugly roles, some evil roles.” While saying that, Linda held her fists up in front of her eyes in pretence of crying, “I hope the director doesn’t give me any more crying roles to play”. From last year’s “Yes Sir Sorry Sir” to this year’s “L’Escargot”, Linda indeed challenged her crying skills frequently.

As they have often been paired on screen, Linda and Raymond Lam has been a best on screen couple in the hearts of many audiences. When reporters mentioned about Raymond, Linda merely smiled and said, “Regardless of being in work or in normal times we are very good friends.”

Recently news has been spread in the entertainment circle, that TVB artistes Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh are heading up north to the mainland to make their money, and in this event when Linda appeared in a high profile Bio Essence function in the mainland region, it has been rumoured that she is starting to focus on shifting her target to the mainland entertainment market. Linda replied, “This year is Bio Essence’s China Year, so everyone will see me more often in mainland in this year! Regarding the other acting jobs, I will listen to my company’s instructions.”

Credits: Dong Guan Times (东莞时间网讯)
Translated by Joshick@lindacottage

Thoughts: Haha I'm on the same page as Linda. I really wish that she don't get anymore crying roles for the next few series. Really want to see Linda in a semi-bad role (ex A Journey Called Life) again. I want her to have a strong character :) What do you guys think?

Even though Linda is so busy, it's glad to hear that she also takes time to do exercise and maintaining a good diet. Not only that it's good for the body, it's also good for the mind :)

Wonder who's Linda next costar in the upcoming series is? Haha I would like to see her pair with Ruco Chan! What about you guys? :D