[News] 'Daddy Good Deeds' starts out high, Evergreen Mak no fear of 'ash period'

Yesterday Linda Chung, Evergreen Mak and Cilla Kung were on Metro Radio for an interview to promote new TVB series Daddy Good Deeds. Lead actor Steven Ma was absent due to skin allergies. Daddy Good Deeds is now the leader of the highest rated premiere (first) episode so far, averaging at 31 points and peaked at 33 points. However, it was said the broadcast period is considered the period of the ashes, Evergreen said: "If you ask me, there isn't the so-called 'ashes period'. I had it happened during the Lunar New YEar, but most important is quality. There will be amplitude every year, next week students will be taking exams and Easter is approaching, so there will be some affect. I hope everyone will record the show or catch it again on MyTV."

Linda expressed she's very pleased to hear the premiere rating peaked at 33 points. She reveals she will be taking 1 month off and visit her family in Canada.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Thoughts: Was happy to hear Linda taking another break to visit her family :)