[News] Steven Ma supports 'Daddy Good Deeds' broadcast period, not 'ashes'

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Yesterday Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu and Vivien Yeo attended the promotional event for TVB new series Daddy Good Deeds (DGD). As the lead actor, Steven had less screen time on the promotional clip, which clearly shows the results of leaving TVB. However, Steven insisted his support for TVB: "Not related, they asked me to come back and shoot the promotional clips several times, but I just couldn't fit in my schedule. Later, I will be taking part in a TVB Programme as a guest. It's been 19 years, I'm feeling unwilling to part from the company too." As for DGD scheduled to air during the period of the 'ashes', Steven was not upset at all: "It's not considered so this time, it's pretty good airing at the 9:30pm time slot. Easter is not a big deal. Before it was the New Years and World Cup, I'm always fighting and easily satisfied. This time, it's a good broadcast period!"

Now on freelance, Steven is doing extremely well. Next month he'll be starting a new Mainland drama and is being paid 6 figures. He expressed he can just shoot a few more series and will have enough to buy a new home. He also reveals TVB, Ricky Wong and NOW have all approached him. Recently, Felix Wong exposed in an interview, back then TVB only offered a low HK$500 raise per year as a contract renewal condition. Steven was asked how much of a raise he hopes TVB should give? He said: "I'm already very satisfied with the Mainland salary. Right now, I just hope to have more freedom and we are still discussing a 'per series' contract. Honestly, TVB can give a raise, I think there will be a raise and it won't be so little as HK$500."

Linda strongly supports its fair

In regards to Steven's little screen time on the series promotional clip, Linda expressed: "I didn't purposely go count, but TVB is very fair. Also, the clips had Steven and I in it, how can they cut it?"

When the promotional event wrapped up, producer Miu Siu Ching, who is also leaving TVB, felt emotional with red teary eyes and gave the cast a goodbye hug.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Thoughts: At first, I was worried that Steven won't be back for the promotion events...but luckily he is!!! :D hehe Stevinda :3