Linda Chung at her sexiest (StarHub TVB Awards 2012)

***Translated by Audrey@

(Linda’s video interview with The Straits Times – RazorTV)
Q: Other actresses went sexy today, but you decided to go with the sweet look. Why?

No, actually with regards to a sexier look, I really don’t mind it! But when I went to look at the dresses, I like to go with what I think looks best in the first impression. If I like it, I won’t think about it, I’ll just take it. There were a lot of sexy dresses on display, but the moment I stepped into the shop, I went, ah, I like this, I don’t need to try anymore dresses, just help me alter it and I’m good to go.

Q: Some say your recent slimming advertisement is your sexiest ever. How did you convince yourself to reveal so much?

No, actually I really don’t mind it! Really! I’m okay with it even if it got a little sexier. But it really has to be something that I think is beautiful on the first impression – then I’ll wear it.

Q: What are your limits when it comes to acting?

Television’s limits…I’m not sure but every year, it just gets lower (for clothes), and a lot more outrageous. In the past, it was already shocking for (actors’) lips to just touch, now, they can French kiss passionately and it’s okay! I think, for clothes, I don’t mind revealing my back, or my stomach, as long as it’s covered over here! (her chest)

Q: Have you thought of telling your company that you’d like to try a different image?

I had this thought in the past, if I should tell my company that I can be like this or like that, but when I was having a talk with the more senior actors, they often told me to take things naturally.

Q: You always seem to play girls who need to be protected…any plans to change that?

No! You see…in The Gem of Life I played a really bad girl, in A Journey Called Life I played a wayward Mongkok girl, and then there was Miss Cool, she doesn’t…oh, wait, a little I guess, but she’s different! I’ve acted as a very stupid model, as a ghost, basically I’ve tried many different roles. So, in the future, I really want to be a villain, and also an assassin. I think I should be able to do it. Yup, a villain, bang bang bang bang, and kill everyone!!

Q: Earlier during the show, the host made fun of you, that you need to be protected…

Many people say that too! At the very mention of my name, people will be like, oh she needs to be protected, and cannot be set up, etc. But off stage, actually I can protect others! I don’t know why they would have that impression. For those who really know me very well, they’d know that actually I can be very “man” too! I have a very “manly” side. How so? I whack people really hard! You can ask Bosco Wong, Jason Chan, Raymond Lam, etc, when I hit people, I hit them really hard!!

Q: In real life, have you found a guy to protect you?

I’m still looking, but there are a few whom I think I need to get to know more first, but there are lots of guys who are capable of taking care of others.

Reporter: So do you mean there are a lot of guys who’d like to take care of you?

No no no! Hahahahaha! I meant, when I get to know some male friends, generally they will take care of me. But all of them will tell me, actually you’re really strong. Hahaha. But they all want to take care of me, so thank you!! Just like Steven Ma, he’s just like my brother, he likes to take care of me. But I’m actually really “man”!! It probably stems from the roles I get! In my roles, I’m all of “ohh, I’m going to cry” or “Ahh, you hit me! It hurts!”; or things to that extent. But in real life, even if you hit me, it wouldn’t hurt, and if I bleed, it doesn’t matter!

Q: Earlier you said after winning Best Smile Award, that it’s important to keep smiling…

Actually, for many of us in this line, as we’re so busy, we tend to lose sight of our direction. Even I did, too. There was a point in time for me, when I first entered the industry, I was often very unhappy, and I didn’t know why. Many people asked me, “Why are you not happy? You need to laugh! Laugh! Laugh!” and I said, “No, I will not laugh. I don’t want to laugh! I’m not happy!” But what I want to say is, actually, when you’re in control of your emotions and emit positive energy, many things will come your way naturally. It’s weird, really. So be happy! And smile more :) Thank you!