[News] Linda Chung does not hope 'Witness Insecurity' gets a sequel


TVB series Witness Insecurity averaged 34 points becoming the top rated series of 2012 so far. Yesterday TVB executive chairman Norman Leung hosted a celebration dinner for the cast and crew. Lead actor, Bosco Wong, is currently shooting in Taiwan and therefore was absent, leaving Linda Chung to take the banner by herself. When speaking of Netizens displeased by the ending, and would support TVB shoot an alternative ending, Linda felt the original ending was perfect, but it's a good thing that there are different opinions. It means that the series did well. She expressed she doesn't want to shoot a sequel, but if it really does happen, she hopes its like a Korean drama. The male and female leads have to go through a lot of twist and turns before being together, "Perhaps Bosco can be in a coma and lose his memory when he wakes up, and then I lose my memory as well. Actually I really like the Korean drama elements. If the story is like that, I want to shoot it." She exposes she likes Korean star Ji Sung and he's her dream boyfriend.

A magazine reported after former TVB GM Stephen Chan left the company, the quality of the series turned bad and the staff morale declined. Regarding this, Norman used statistics to refute the reports, he said this year there are already 5 series that have averaged 30 points, which is the same as last year's results. He hopes that at least 10 series can achieve the 30 point mark as well. The first half year, the variety shows, including Homecoming, Map of Happiness, All Star World Exam and TV Funny have averaged at 28 points, which is the best results in the recent years. He also denied the report about him treating Stephen Chan a meal: "First off, I didn't treat him. He took Mona Fong and I to try a new restaurant and we did not talk about business." He directly said he is a known and reputable public figure, will he be that stupid to ask Stephen to come back to TVB after several months? Norman said he knows Stephen is happy in CRHK and anyone with this kind of thought is just foolish. He agreed there has been a lot more criticisms on TVB programmes in the recent years, he will accept them, but used the Olympics as an example: "There has been people criticizing the Olympics, but I'm not trying to brag, only TVB can take 10 days to prepare for a good programme."

TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs (Mr. Tsang Sing Ming) expressed TVB pays close attention to the recent Magazines who are irresponsible and reporting false news. If there are fabricated reports, TVB reserves the right to take legal action because the company does not want such reports to damage the morale. Mr. Tsang also reveals they have already issued a warning letter to that magazine. For the other magazine, they will have to wait for the boss' return before taking action. He directly expressed at most, the press won't be able to enter TVB City and this approach has been taken for the first time in the recent year.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

I personally don't want a sequel so much either....because that would mean Linda getting re-casted into the same role. I would rather see her trying out a new role :)