[News] Jason Chan makes a public love confession to Linda Chung

Yesterday Linda Chung and Jason Chan were on the busy street in Mong Kok shooting for TVB new series Ferris Wheel Happiness. The scene was about Jason on the street looking for Linda, but since he had no luck, he climbed up on the rails and publicly confessed his love for Linda. When Linda heard the touching confession, the two ended the scene with a hug.

Jason and Linda were shooting the same scene over and over again, from the beginning to the end of the street. There were over 10 extras serving as their 'bodyguards' and over a hundred 'volunteer extras' (bystanders) madly taking pictures on the side. At one point, there was a confusion with everyone surrounding their idols. When Jason jumped on the rail to confess his love, he accidentally bumped his head on the street light, but he continued shooting as if nothing happened. As for Linda, despite many people surrounding her for pictures, she was still able to get her emotions out for the shoot. Very professional!

Since the street was crowded, Linda joked she turned into 'Kiu Chi Lam' (her Witness Insecurity role), she said: "There are many staff protecting me, so I'm not afraid." To prevent disturbance, Linda hid herself behind the people to study the script, and rehearsed the scene with Jason. When asked if there was ever a guy who made a love confession to her in public? Linda said: "My first boyfriend, gave me flowers on the street once. I was very touched because we are both shy people!"

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

AW this will be a cute scene xD