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Chinese Title: 護花危情
English Title: Witness Insecurity
Previous Given Names: Dangerous Protection, Flower Protection of Dangerous Love
Genre: Romance, Police action
Producer: Lau Kar Ho (The Gentle Crackdown, Heart of Greed, The Mysteries of Love, Moonlight Resonance)
Notable: A spinoff featuring popular character "Miss Cool" from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!
Episodes: 20
Cast: Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Paul Chun, Ram Cheung, Queenie Chu, Ronald Law, Cilia Lok, Eric Li, Rachel Kwan etc

Inspector HUI WAI-SUM (Bosco Wong) of the Witness Protection Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force is assigned to protect tycoon KIU KONG-SHAN’s (Paul Chun) daughter KIU CHI-LAM (Linda Chung). The lives of these two complete strangers are thus interwoven. CHI-LAM is a bit of an eccentric who lives in her own world. WAI-SUM opens her up. Despite the opposition of KONG-SHAN, she takes the initiative to court WAI-SUM. With CHI-LAM getting more and more cheerful and positive, KONG-SHAN, though reluctantly, acquiesces to her going out with WAI-SUM. In the meantime, the sudden appearance of LAI SHU-FUNG (Lee Kwok Lun), a friend whom KONG-SHAN has not seen for over 30 years, gets on everybody’s nerves. When WAI-SUM discovers the secret amongst SHU-FUNG and the KIU brothers accidentally, he is put in a dilemma of upholding justice or choosing CHI-LAM.

*credits aZnangel@asianuniverse

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