Linda's Weibo Updates - August (2012)

****translations of Linda's weibo updates for the rest of July will be continually updated in this post.

Translations by Audrey@lindachungthoughts

August 6
Linda: Happy birthday my dear Seekay!!! I remember the first year I celebrated your birthday with you was when we were filming “The Biter Bitten”. Those were really happy memories. This year, I wish you happiness, health, that you will get prettier and for this year to be better than previous years!!! lovelovelove – L-

Linda: Recently I’ve been really busy filming, and since I’ve got half a night of rare free time, I sent out a lot of weibo posts. Hope I didn’t scare you guys…hehe. Many people were shocked and asked me if I did indeed write every single message. Yup – but I normally use pinyin to compose them. I hope you guys don’t mind if there are any incorrect words. I’m still in the midst of learning. I wish you guys happiness! :) lovelovelove –L-

lynne - Linda is just so sweet x) Haha Audrey was surprise to see so many weibo updates too.

Linda: Congratulations dear on your very 1st album :) !!!!

Linda: Choi-zai (Sire Ma), I’ve been super busy lately, Happy super belated birthday to my dearest! Here’s a kiss for you!!!

Linda: All the best Ah Hong!!! Support!

Linda: Am very touched that so many people loved the pairing of Hui Sir and Kiu Tze Lam. With every show that I film, I try my utmost, within my means, to do it to the best of my ability – hoping to enjoy every bit of the process. I let the results come naturally. Never did I expect to receive such good response this time. I really thank the audience for their love. Thank you to every member of the crew, backstage or in front of the camera – it’s been really hard on you guys. I found an ending photo that I think fans might like. Hope u like it!

Linda: This is also a late post: Thank you Chairman Leung for treating the Witness Insecurity team to such a happy dinner :) I know Mr Leung must be really busy at work, but he still took time out to watch our TV series, and even remembered all the characters :) This is really a great encouragement for all of us. Thank you! I hope we’ll continue to present works of high standard for our audience :)

Linda: I’ve finally got a picture of Tze Lam with Daddy and Uncle. You two are really the most perfect pair. Brother Paul, I’m really lucky to be able to act as your daughter. You’re such an Amazing actor, I’ve learned so much: to keep learning as I grow. I will remember your opinions :) Ah-Cheung, you’re so cute and no matter what role you take on, you perform it so naturally. It’s really different and you’re really talented :) Uncle, you really made me laugh till my tummy ached…HEHE…

Linda: Here’s a late post, I was able to meet the two producers who have presented me with so many opportunities, here at the Witness Insecurity Ending dinner gathering. Am so happy to see that you two are well. In my heart, I’m still very thankful for every single opportunity that you have given me, as well as for giving me so many roles that I initially thought I wouldn’t be capable of. Thank you for your encouragement and challenges. I wish you all the best at the new company and may you continue to bring good programmes to television. Keep going!!

Linda: Filming for “Blissful Ferris Wheel” is still ongoing, and even though the filming hours are long and the weather’s hot, but the entire process still remains really happy. Every day, there’s a wonderful bunch of film crew and artistes to work together with! Am so lucky :) There are still 10 more days to go, lets keep going :) Brother Cheung, I really like your role as Ah Leung in Witness Insecurity, as well as in Heart of Greed where you acted as my bad elder brother :) Thank you for always mentoring us and bearing with us :)

August 2
Linda: Kiu Tze-lam’s new hairstyle, do you guys like it!

August 1
Linda: Happy together!!