TVB StarHub Awards Results


My Favourite TVB Male TV Character
1.SUNG YI-LONG (Moses Chan), “When Heaven Burns”
2. CHEUNG YAT-KIN (Kenneth Ma), “The Hippocratic Crush”
3.LAW LIK-AH (Kevin Cheng),“Ghetto Justice”
4. SO SING-PAK (Bosco Wong), “Lives of Omission”
5. Emperor TO KWONG, MAN NING (Chan Kam Hung), “Curse of The Royal Harem”
6. PO KWOK-TUNG (Lai Yiu Cheung), “Forensic Heroes III”

Star of Perfect Poise Award: Kate Tsui
Most Glamorous Female Artiste Award: Tavia Yeung
My Favourite TVB Variety: “All Star Glam Exam”
My Favourite TVB Mega Variety Special: “TVB 44th Anniversary Gala”
Best TVB Male Newcomer: Ruco Chan
Best TVB Female Newcomer: Aimee Chan

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
1.KWAN KA-LOK (Linda Chung),“L’Escargot”
2.YIU HO-HO (Kate Tsui), “Lives of Omission”
3. FAN TZE-YU (Tavia Yeung), “The Hippocratic Crush”
4. WONG SZ-FU (Myolie Wu), “Ghetto Justice”
5. YIP CHI-YAN (Charmaine Sheh), “When Heaven Burns”
6.CHUNG MO-YIM (Fala Chen), “Queens of Diamonds And Hearts”

Most Improved TVB Female Artiste: Selena Li
Most Improved TVB Male Artiste: Wong Ho Yin
Most Energetic Award: Wong Tak Bun
My Favourite TVB Theme Song: “Lian Xu Ju”, Joey Yung
My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple: Moses Chan, Linda Chung
Best Smile Award: Linda Chung
Singapore Media's Favourite TVB Drama:  Ghetto Justice
My Favourite TVB Actress: Myolie Wu
My Favourite TVB Actor: Kevin Cheng
Professional Spirit Award: Bowie Wu
My Favourite TVB Drama: When Heaven Burns

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