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Hi everyone! Hi all fans! Am really happy to be able to attend Metro Radio’s 21st birthday celebration concert, and to see everyone again! Well, I’ve always been looking at the forum posts and I’m really thankful for the suggestions from everyone and for the supporting me all along. And I would like to thank all my fans once again, as I know you guys are really passionate and each time you see me you’re really happy! No matter what happens, once you guys see me you’ll always have a big smile on your faces and I thank you for supporting me all this while. And what else…hahaha!

And besides caring about me, I hope you’ll care about your own personal lives as well! I know I’ve been really busy recently, and have had lots to do at work. But I really hope that everyone is happy and healthy…am I beginning to sound like a mother? Haha!

But anyways, I really hope that all is well for everyone!

Anyways, I’d like to introduce my new song, “Vaccine”, to everyone! And what this song is trying to say is…it’s a very tragic and sad love song. If only one could have a vaccine that would make one numb, with regards to the bitterness of love. But after taking that vaccine, it still hurts! So you can imagine how painful and sad it is. I hope everyone likes this first song I’m plugging! The second song will come soon!

When will it release? I’m not sure, most probably in a month’s time. There will be a song entitled “Missing You”, and I really really like it. And I think everyone will like it too! And for the album, I asked my boss just now and he said the tentative release date is on 23th November. I really, really hope we can make it on time, as I only have a month before I’ll begin filming another show. If I can do everything within this month – film all the MVs, record all the songs and take all the pictures needed for the poster – then it will be possible! Because I know that you’ve all been waiting for so long and support me so much, I hope I will be able to produce a good final product for you guys! I really enjoy singing, and I hope that everyone will be able to see my improvements. I still get a little jittery – I don’t know why – maybe it’s because I haven’t done anything related (to albums and singing) in a while, but I will get used to it really soon! I hope everyone’ll support me! But besides supporting me, I hope that you will love yourselves before loving me, you hear? Okay bye bye!!

-Linda is sooooo cute, especially in the final part of her message where she suddenly gets enthusiastic! – Audrey

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  1. i love linda....because she is very good girl, beutiful....