Metro Radio Hits Awards 2012

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This year's first music 'report card' unfolds at the Metro Radio Hits Awards 2012. The 5 hour award show presented a total of 163 awards.

Khalil Fong won 3.5 awards; Raymond Lam, Hins Cheung, Kay Tse, Andy Hui, Kary Ng, Adason Lo, Fiona Sit and Eric Suen all won 3 awards. Kay expressed she's very happy to get an award despite not having any new albums. Dei Dik was surprised he got an award because he didn't have any plugs, but still won the duet award. However, the most questionable award was Linda Chung, she released her new album late in the year, but still shared the 'Metro Hits Female Singer Award' with GEM, Jade Kwan and Kary Ng.

This year Metro followed TVB and gave out awards to singers who were absent from the award ceremony including Leo Ku, Denise Ho and Miriam Yeung.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Thoughts: Wow...I didn't realize there were so many awards! 163!! o.O

Oh. Would anybody like to clarify if Leu Ko, Denise Ho etc actually received an award or not? Cause the article on Jaynestars stated that they did not while this one said they did. I am very confuse...

Anyways, congrats to our dear Linda! :)