[Notice] Layout Change for 2013

NOTICE: The site will be DOWN sometime tomorrow!  So if you can't access it, don't panic :)  I'm only changing to a new layout for 2013!
New Layout
- just a sneak peek for you guys!
- banner excluded because I want it to be a surprise for you ;)

- I really wanted something for quick access whenever I am unable to post right away, that is why a twitter account will be created.
- did not make a facebook page b/c a fan stated a very valuable point: there are just too many fb pages.
- though not many fans are on twitter, there are not twitter pages of Linda either.  In the end, I found twitter to be the better place to start...
If any fans out there want to follow a facebook page dedicated to Linda, there are quite a few, but here are two that I follow:

Those are two things we're coming back for 2013 with!  If there are any suggestions for the site, please comment below or join us in the chatbox! :)

Thank you guys!