[News] Ruco Chan Escapes from Explosion Carrying a Heavy Linda Chung

Yesterday Ruco Chan and Linda Chung were shooting the finale car explosion scene for TVB new series Big Wheel. Ruco was the 'hero saving the beauty', carrying Linda with him as he ran away from the exploding car. The temperature yesterday was only 10 degrees C, Ruco had to pick up a Linda with thick clothing on, carry her and start running away. It looked like Ruco was having a hard time. Linda groaned on Weibo asking Ruco: "Why do I look so heavy!"

Later, Ruco reveals in an interview, that scene was about someone kidnapping Linda and when escaping from the bad guys, the two fell 7 stories down onto a van. When he was fighting off the bad guys, the van exploded, so he carried Linda and started running. He said: "The scene looked like it was really dangerous, but of course all safety measures were taken."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


  1. This drama looks very interesting but when TVB plans to air it and wonders is Ruco a bad guy in this drama? There is another drama that I have been anticipating for over a year is "Ruse of Engagement" why TVB is warehousing it? Please release it...

    1. Brother's Keeper is airing on Sept 23!!! And yes, Ruco is the bad guy in here.