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Sorry, I've been a bit on and off lately.  Currently in a battle with math :P  The final is in 4 days...and I am determined to win!  Anyways, hope you guys have been all been doing well!  Just made a random wallpaper for "Missing You" after seeing the pictures of Jason and Linda :D  Aren't they sweet?  I wish I had made the wall paper bigger though....

- As mentioned in a previous post, Linda Cottage is doing a scrapbook for Linda!  So head over there to get the info and such!  Submissions are due soon, so don't wait until it's too late!

- There's a new video message of Linda's on Linda Cottage!  Head over there if you guys want to watch the video :)  hehe it's in English :D

- Linda's Hailey from "Witness Insecurity" received "My Favourite Top 15 Drama Characters" from AOD! Congrats to our dear Linda ;)

-Linda on JSG!!  So cute with the poses haha  (video uploaded by kakakakaaaaa1010)

An excerpt of Linda's from this article (view here)
Linda Chung's new song 'Preventive Shot (預防針)' was one of the winners that night too. When she was leaving the stage, she was especially greeted by her record company's boss Herman Ho. She asked the public not to say she wins comfortably over Fala Chen, she said: "We are good friends and really support each other! I don't want to be compared. We mutually support one another and we're happy." Did this victory increase Linda's confidence of getting an award at the JSG final? She said: "I never thought about it. If we can get through Dooms Day first. This year I'm very happy, my parents came to HK to spend Dooms Day with me and they'll be watching the TVB anniversary awards show as part of the studio audience because my father loves watching award ceremonies." Linda reveals she intends to cook a Christmas feast this year. Will rumored boyfriend Philip Ng be doing the taste testing for her? She laughed: "I will invite many of my friends to try out my food. He may be one of them."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

- "Missing You" starring Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Matt Yeung, Lin Xia Wei etc will be airing on Dec18!!!  So watch out for it guys ;D
Synopsis of "Missing You"
A Search & Rescue agency specializes in finding loved ones lost during a war, natural disaster or relocation. The paranoid and skeptical HONG YU FUNG (Linda Chung), the optimistic and energetic SI YIK HIM (Jason Chan), the eloquent SIN KIT JING (Cilla Lok) and computer expert YEUNG CHI KEI (Calvin Chan) are led by a calm and rational team leader LO MAN TIK (Ram Chiang) to start their experience of searching and rescuing people. Not only do they find happiness in their work, but they also go through a whole new experience of how they see themselves...

FUNG, the new member in the group, worked well with HIM and often hits the nail, but they also understand that they must comply with the regulations of the job. They must not give false hopes to the seeker and bring unnecessary pain to them. Gradually FUNG and HIM developed feelings for one another, but unfortunately HIM already had a girlfriend TING PUNG CHI (Lin Xiawei), who just hoped her own happiness could bring even greater happiness to others...(credits aZnangel)