TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Ceremony

Linda made it to the finalists with Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim and the winner of the night, Tavia Yeung!  Hehe I am very happy that she made it to the finalists list!  And even though Linda did bring home an award, don't worry because she've got more chances coming in 2013! :D  Besides "Missing You", there is also the grand production "Big Wheel"!  Support, support!!

What's better than a DIY gift from fans?  Hehe thoughtful fans from HK gave Linda a super cute DIY of Kiu Ji Lam :)  Very sweet!  Linda teared up too...

Linda's Weibo Message & trans: 
感谢我亲爱的粉丝。 今晚真开心!!!我永远爱你们!!!
 "Thank you to my dear fans.  Tonight was a very happy night!!  I will always love you guys!!!"

Linda's Weibo Message & trans: 
今天的盛会完美结束了。 我还没感动完。 每一个得奖者實至名歸。恭喜恭喜!!! 做演员真不简单。 真是要花好多心血, 血汗, 时间,努力才站到现在。大家继续努力吧!!! lovelovelove -L-

"This evening's ceremony ended perfectly.  I am still very touched.  All the awards received were all deserving.  Congrats congrats!!!  Being an artiste is definitely not easy.  Truly needs to put in alot of hardwork, blood, sweat, time and determination into order to stand till today.  Keep it up everybody!!"
lovelovelove -L-

Our Ji Lam and Hui Sir walking the red carpet together!  Hehe a very lovely match don't you agree? x)