[News] Ron Ng Does Not Believe Raymond Lam is Leaving TVB

Yesterday Linda Chung and Ron Ng attended a Christmas event in Tsuen Wan. Linda appeared in a sexy red outfit and did not fear exposure as she had on see-through parts in her outfit. She laughed: "I have underclothing on for protection I really have experience with exposures, I'm considered to be the Queen of Underclothing!" She exposed she met with an attached fan backstage, "The fan is handicap, spent 3 years looking for me and sent me a lot of letters. I didn't know until the reporters mentioned it to me. When I saw the fan just now, I was very happy and emotional too, he is very optimistic!"

Ron said he does not believe his good brother Raymond Lam wants to leave TVB because of the earlier award results, he said: "It's just a rumor. TVB treats him well. (Comfort him since he didn't win any awards?) I'll comfort him when I see him, I did watch his series. He and Kate Tsui did very well, it's quite disappointing!" Ron has been busy shooting in Shanghai, but he has been following Eric Tsang's recent slapping case and Oscar Leung, who had suddenly gotten involved. Ron said: "I don't believe Eric would do that. Whether Oscar's comments are too over or not, it all depends on how the individual sees it. I don't think it's a problem! (Oscar refuses to apologize?) I believe Oscar is supporting Eric until the end." Earlier Kelly Fu exposed because she was too into character, she actually fell for Ron while they were working on Triumph in the Skies II together? Ron laughed: "Thank you! But, I think she's just talking about the series! If a female confesses to me, I would feel shy and embarrassed, but she didn't take any actions. She's a good colleague, and handles the love scenes well. (Any love sparks?) We'll have to see if there is a third installment, talk about it then!"

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

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Thoughts:  Referring to the fan that Linda was talking about, another translated article about this event over at Jaynestars stated that the fan got the chance to meet Linda through the Make a Wish Foundation.  From what I know (saw a presentation when volunteering), the organization works to grant one wish to children with serious medical conditions.  Wishes such as visiting Disneyland with their family, seeing their favourite idols and etc.  Personally, I am touched by the fan's dedication...spending 3 years of writing in hope of meeting Linda.  I'm very glad that his wish came true in the end and was able to see Linda :)