[News] Next TV Awards 2013 Results

Thoughts:  I initially thought Next TV cancelled the awards since TVB boycotted out of the award :P  But apparently not....unfortunately though, there won't be any photoshootings and such.  Anyways, congrats to all winners and of course, Linda!!!!!  Hehe...happy for her ;D

Top 10 TV Artistes
01. Linda Chung
02. Kenneth Ma
03. Tavia Yeung
04. Wong Cho Lam
05. Myolie Wu
06. Joey Meng
07. Wayne Lai
08. Raymond Lam
09. Moses Chan
10. Kate Tsui

Top 10 TV Programmes
01. "Inbound Troubles"
02. "Witness Insecurity"
03. "The Confidant"
04. "Friendly Fire"
05. "Highs and Lows"
06. "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles"
07. "Divas in Distress"
08. "The Last Steep Ascent"
09. "Ghetto Justice II"
10. "Telling Maria"

Most Promising Male Artiste: Sammy Sum
Most Promising Female Artiste: Christine Kuo

Most Scene-stealing Supporting Actor: Power Chan
Most Scene-stealing Supporting Actress: Mandy Wong

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  1. Hey Lynne this is original translation about Next TV Awards

    Next Magazine, 1203

    Next TV Awards TVB the hegemony Linda broken monopoly

    In fact, the "One TV Awards" should have closed.

    "Next Magazine" host Next TV Awards 1991, since the 23rd. The purpose for that there is no bias in the form of one-person-one-vote, elect the Ten television entertainer and top 10 television programs, and encourage the Behind the Scenes of the television industry practitioners. Annual award presentation ceremony, in addition to the award-winning actor who dressed up, the production team of award-winning programs also have the opportunity came to power to share their feelings. Next TV Awards "fair and faithfully reflects the Hong Kong television audience preferences, Next Magazine reported that the stance of the truth and the reviews of the quality of television programs, there is no contradiction or conflict.

    TVB began in 1997, organized by TVB Awards Ceremony. Based on the "One TV Awards nomination list was established in Hong Kong Free homemade programs, awards, not behind closed doors the form of production of pay television channels, and the list of winners is not entirely by a Taiwan independence. Ninth "and zombies I have a date", "Stories from Afar" Tenth "Once a Thief" twelfth "millionaire", the sixteenth "Nowhere in the night in the ring" are The audience selected as one of the top 10 television programs, highlighting the contribution made by Asia Television of Hong Kong television circles.

    Helpless, the ATV homemade program in recent years, regardless of the quantity and quality is also deteriorating Next TV Awards gradually reduced to a wireless TV monopoly, the presentation ceremony greatly diminished. Like this year's session, all the awards they fall into the of wireless actor or program body. Therefore, TVB a ban approved artistes interview, do not attend the presentation ceremony, presentation ceremony immediately terminated, exploitation sure winners. The occurrence of such a situation, in a so-called international metropolis is really frustrating.
    Fortunately, the "One TV Awards" and not what the boss wife, mother, the NIE sister and his ilk about the overall situation. Ten TV artist, by the voters say, our first ratings champion drama heroine is still much television awards ceremony ignore Linda. We respect the audience and readers, we will continue to report a television artist's news, we will continue to review the quality of television programs.

    We will continue to host Next TV Awards. If Hong Kong's television market was finally open to real competition is finally introduced, the monopoly finally disappear.

    Ten TV entertainer first: Linda Chung

    Last year, Linda Chung Jin prolific, a total of four new plays in primetime, "Yao Dance Chang'an play dance excellent, Myolie battle of wits policewoman flower;" When Wang Dad "play nice, and very much at home; at Forever Love same play Wenwen quietly tracing Commissioner, little surprise.

    "Drawing a crisis situation was made by the representative of the push, average ratings Takami 32 points, and Linda with Paul Chun, Joseph Lee, Cheung Chi Kwong old drama of bone in the same field, is still consistent excited like acting without eclipsed. Unfortunately, the drama be available in July last year by wireless over the file, not the traditional T'ai golden holiday drama producer Lau Ka Ho NOW TV, relatively isolated in the subsequent awards ceremony also doomed drama. Sure enough, after the TVB Awards ceremony, as the battle for television to create Kate Tsui Tavia dispute, Linda annihilated.
    Linda is a frequent visitor to the Next TV Awards debut starting from the beginning of the eighteenth, for six consecutive years, reached the ranks of the top ten television entertainer, bigger breakthrough this year, reached the top three for the first time that the summit. No hidden rules, results like this.

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