[News] TVB Anniversary TV Queen Battle: Linda Chung challenges Tavia Yeung

There are still three months before the TVB Anniversary, but the TV Queen battle discussions has already started becoming audiences' nightly topics at the dinner table. Last year's TV Queen, Myolie Wu, rapidly gained popularity and started shooting in Mainland more often, giving TVB FaDans a chance to make breakthroughs. So far, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung's are getting the most noise. The other two FaDans are just accompanying them on the race, this year Kate Tsui only has one series coming out Highs and Lows and Fala Chen had been focused on her singer career and reduced her appearance on the TV screen.

Last year Linda gained heavy support and recognition based on her role 'Miss Koo' in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir. Her extreme cool image left a deep impression on audience. In one scene where Linda cries severely after she found out Moses Chan's character cheated her love, got very positive feedback and Linda's acting was praised by audience. TVB also made a Miss Koo spinoff Witness Insecurity, which had also been well-received.

It was understood, Linda had always had a pure and innocent image, but this year she made a breakthrough in House of Harmony and Vengeance. She played a villain and had several sexy appearances. Also, Linda had always avoided talking about her rumored boyfriend Philip Ng, but recently she started making the relationship known and implied she and Philip met the parents already. She also praised her 'boyfriend' having "an amazing and good looking outer appearance, and is actually very attentive." Aside from House of Harmony and Vengeance, Linda also had L'Escargot, Daddy Good Deeds, Witness Insecurity and she just completed new series Ferris Wheel Happiness. She has 5 series on hand creating strong momentum to get the TV Queen title this year.

Tavia at an Advantage with a TVB Anniversary Series

TVB has another well-behaved 'biological daughter', Tavia Yeung, whom they have heavily promoted, but unfortunately she never had fate to get TV Queen title. This year Tavia has 5 series as well. Aside from the earlier The Hippocratic Crush and Three Kingdoms RPG, she also has the unreleased Justice Pursuit & Attack, A Great Way to Care II and upcoming TVB anniversary series Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles co-starring alongside veterans Damien Lau and Idy Chan. However, Tavia's latest series Three Kingdoms RPG was heavily criticized and she had little screen time, losing some momentum.

Linda V.S Tavia

Age: 28
Education: Studied two years at University of British Columbia as an education major.
Debut: 2004 Miss Chinese International winner.
Filmography: Heart of Greed, Yes Sir Sorry Sir, [2012: L'Escargot, Witness Insecurity, Daddy Good Deeds, House of Harmony and Vengeance]
Awards: TVB Anniversary Awards - 'Most Improved Actress' (2006)

Age: 33
Education: Form 5 graduate (high school)
Debut: 13th TVB Artistes Training Class
Filmography: The Mysteries of Love, The Other Truth, Yes Sir Sorry Sir, [2012: The Hippocratic Crush, Three Kingdoms RPG]
Awards: TVB Anniversary Awards - 'Most Improved Actress' (2003), 'Best Supporting Actress' (2008), 'My Favorite TV Female Character' (2009)

Potential TV Queens' Love Lives

- Ekin Cheng: Rumored in 2005 after collaborating in Always Ready, both denied the relationship.
- Raymond Lam: Collaborated in 2007's Heart of Greed. At the time, this on-screen partner of hers strongly pursued her. The relationship was well-received and the two often attended events as a couple team.
- Philip Ng: Collaborated in the 2007 film Love Is Not All Around. The two were 'acting turned real', and were spotted having Thai food together in Tseung Kwan O. Earlier this year, a photo of them out at karaoke circulated. It was rumored the two ended their 5 year relationship, but actually they just went underground. Recently Linda publicly talks about the relationship and even implied they met the parents.

- Ron Ng: When the two collaborated in Twins of Brothers, it was rumored the two sparked love after they went for karaoke, but the underground relationship only lasted 6 months.
- Nam Wai Kit: In 2004, Tavia and this businessman were dating, but broke up in 2007 because of Chris Lai.
- Chris Lai: After 12 years of friendship, the two started dating. Last year Tavia was spotted going in and out of Tseung Kwan O gates with Chris in her car. Their 3 year relationship was exposed then.
- Him Law: Last year she collaborated with him in The Hippocratic Crush, love sparked as the days went by. They were spotted BBQing together on Halloween and 'transferred love' through SMS.

Source: 3Weekly, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: With the awards coming soon, these "battle" news will be popping up like crazy.