Twilight Investigation Ep.3

Linda and Wong Hei goes to find Linda's father grave to see if her mom is going to be there. Linda couldn't remember where her father's grave was xP

Aw this scene is sad but super cute! Linda walks across a poster that belonged to her company....and even though she was suppose to be on there, she wasn't. Her conclusion is that they did not like her and air brushed her out =( Poor Linda, seems like beside Wong Hei, she does not have any friends. When she walked away from Wong Hei...she starts crying and it was so cute!! Her expression is priceless =) Though the fact that she does not have any friends, I found kinda unrealistic...but it is still sad.

Linda sadly sat in the theatre watching a comedy. Power sat behind her and was laughing is head off. He came to comfort her and she told him that she was sad because she does not have any friends =(

Linda sat alone on the swings with Power Chan beside her. He tried to encourage her and make her feel happy =) Power is a really nice friend to have by when you're depress because he reminds me so much of a little kid!

Flashback memory of Linda and her mom playing her on the swings.

When Linda was young, she was afraid to jump of the monkey bars so Power encouraged her to do it right now. She climbed up and fell down....but she was not hurt. Linda concluded that her mom is looking after her and is protecting her from all harm =)

In here, Linda is trying to prove to Wong He that her mom is "out there" looking after her. She crossed the highway with her eyes closed....and miraculously unharmed in the end. Wong He still thinks that she's too supersticious and then they had an argument =(

Warning....never ever cross the street like that. This only happens on tv xP

OMG!!! The turning point of the series!! Wong He decides to go to Linda's agency to apologize to her....but then found out that she is actually dead D= Poor Wong He, he looks so scared! Linda is confuse though...because she have no idea why he is so scared. btw look at the pic of Linda and Wong He in front of the reflection.

I found this really surprising since we never heard of Linda being a ghost before!! But it all makes sense now with all her strange surviving incidents =) To be honest, before this the series was only excitement, but the series really began to pick up after this ;)