[News] TVB new series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry. Sir!' holds promotional event

Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Queenie Chu, Law Lok Lam and the rest of the cast to TVB new series Yes, Sir. Sorry. Sir! attended the promotional event yesterday. During the event, everyone celebrated the April birthdays Linda, Moses and Queenie with a birthday cake. Right after the promotion ended, Moses arrived at the airport for take off to Jamaica where he will shoot a special there. When Moses was asked if he's worried his role in this series get criticized to have copied Stephen Chow's Fight Back to School, he frankly said that he is prepared for such criticisms. However, he is 100% sure that he used the Moses Chan acting style to portray the role to reassure everyone.

When speaking of the rumors that TVB is asking their artists who have contracts expiring to sign another 5 year contract? Moses expressed he has not heard about it, and said he still has more than a year left in his contract. He said: "We'll discuss again! (It was said, if you don't sign the contract you'll get frozen!) My profession is an artist, other things I cannot control."

As for Law Lok Lam who 'died' 5 times on the TV screen in a day, he pretended to die live on the spot. Producer Lau Ka Ho then gave him a lucky red envelope, it was an extremely funny scene.

Supports Good Buddy

Also, Ron Ng was asked about his good buddy Raymond Lam, getting hurt again. He expressed that he didn't purposely go comfort him, but if necessary he will do what he can to support him. When the news about Raymond crying was mentioned, Ron said: "Can't say anything when true feelings are revealed, the director will take that into account and won't give him scenes that are too heavy to shoot yet. Let him shoot more suspended on wires scenes, so he doesn't have to focus on that incident so much! I also hope the media can just leave him alone. (Right now it's Mavis Pan who is not letting it go?) Let it go! It's enough!" He also said that he has not encountered a bad peach blossom, and is currently not dating anyone. When speaking of shooting Shaw Brother films, he said that his schedule is lined up until next year, so at the moment, no one has approached him. Reporters mentioned that Bosco Wong may be a lead actor in one of the films, he said: "We all have been in the industry for so many years, it is about right time to go out and make a breakthrough. We have different paths, Bosco in films, Raymond focused on music and I'm focused on making money."

Linda's birthday falls in early April, she frankly said that she spent a happy and touching birthday. A friend even gave her a book on dating. Asked if she what she has learned from the book? She said: "I haven't read it yet, it's about life principles, not necessary about dating. (Has anyone confessed their love to her?) No, I'm very open, leave to fate and I hope there will be a pursuer!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/