TVB Weekly Vol.720 - Yes Sir, Sorry Sir

Cool and dignified coach
Character: Koo Ka-Lam
Actress: Linda Chung
Personality: Cool on the outside, warm on the inside; yearns for a fairytale-like relationship

Ka-Lam and her sister Ka-Sin (acted by Queenie Chu) hated their parents (who were hawkers) for being greedy and money-grubbing. They also hated triad gangs for doing evil, until Ka-Sin and "Zhun Hing" organisation's CEO Ngai Fung got married. This caused Ka-Lam to feel that her sister had become just like their parents, and began living on her own. Because her family background was to be kept secret, and due to her naturally 'cool' personality, she did not have many friends, and had no choice but to delve deep into the world of bowling. Having advanced bowling skills, she became a professional bowling coach, and soon became Lam Tin-Kwong bowling team's coach.

When everyone in Lam Tin Kwong Memorial School’s bowling team find out that Ka-Lam is Ngai Fung's sister-in-law, the self-preserving Ka-Lam decides to quit and even contemplates leaving Hong Kong, although the teachers and students go all out to try to keep Ka-Lam in her position. At that time, Yiu Wah (acted by Moses Chan) starts wooing Ka-Lam openly and Ka-Lam, who initially already had good feelings towards Yiu Wah, felt torn. Yiu Wah helped Ka-Lam to mend the strained relationship between her and her sister, and when Ka-Lam finally felt the bliss in the relationship, she found out that Yiu Wah was actually an undercover cop, and it was only to get close to Ngai Fung that he was kind towards her: the one Yiu Wah loved was actually her good friend, Miu Suet!

Ka-Lam went to Miu Suet's house to retrieve the contract, and ate her father Ho Nin-Fat's hometown cooking. She had recollections of her childhood, which was warm and blissful, and began to have good feelings towards Miu Suet.

Ka-Lam, being kept in the dark [regarding Yiu Wah's true identity as an undercover cop] thought that she had found her Prince Charming, but she was not aware that she was actually but Yiu Wah's pawn to crack the case.

Vengeful and brave cop
Actor: Ron Ng
Personality: Smart and capable, trendy outward appearance, but in fact, serious and single-minded about relationships.

Ching Man Lik is the Police Force’s star of tomorrow, and used to work in the Serious Crimes Unit. He was newly promoted to the rank of Inspector, and according to the rules of the Police Force, he was required to leave his department and be assigned to a different one, in order that he gains more insight into the inner operations of the Police Force. He was assigned to the Police Public Relations Branch, and was in charge of the contact of a school. As he was previously handling big cases, Man Lik felt that his talent was being wasted on a petty job when assigned to a desk job of signing papers and writing reports. He had no choice but to be objective about the situation and wish for a quick transfer back to the Serious Crimes Unit.

Although Man Lik was physically in a school, his mind was still in the Serious Crimes Unit, and especially looked out for Cheung Hung, because he always thought that it was Cheung Hung that caused his mentor, Cho Sir to become paralyzed from waist down. He witnessed Cheung Hung and Yiu Wah talking secretly with one another, and thus had suspicions of him as well. Similarly, Yiu Wah had no good feelings for Man Lik, as Man Lik gradually became attracted by the kind-hearted Miu Suet, and posed as a threat to Yiu Wah in the area of love!

Man Lik always felt that it was because of Cheung Hung manipulating the big picture that his mentor became paralyzed from waist down back then. Hence, he hated Cheung Hung to the very core.

Magazine Scans credits: tung0609@
Article Translated by Bell@