TVB Weekly Vol.721 - Yes Sir, Sorry Sir


A Breath of Sunshine
The high-school genre drama has been long absent from the entertainment scene, plus this drama is a comedy as well, a type that Moses Chan is adept in. Hence, he is especially looking forward to the airing of this drama.

Moses, “Comedies can bring laughter and joy to the audience, and can’t get that badly received. In addition, the high-school genre dramas have been rare in the recent years. In fact, the last time there was such a drama was in 2004, and it was filmed by leads Bobby Auyeung and Michael Tao’s (). This time, it is rare that this theme will be filmed. Apart from humorous scenes, there is also a large amount of youthful flavour, serious educational messages conveyed to the audience. Also, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Ron Ng are 3 youthful actor/actresses coming across like a breath of sunshine, so I am not afraid of the viewings, it should be very well-received by the audience! This time, Linda portrays the roles of a cool and composed teacher, it is quite a unique role for her to attempt; and the effect is also quite good. This would be my first time co-acting with Ron Ng, but we have worked together during concerts and other functions before. We click quite well, and he is also quite a suitable person to play the role of a policeman, when were there such handsome cops around anyway? The four of us often help each other, reminding each other of various important points.”

A Congregation of Students
Although Linda’s role of ‘Miss Cool’ is collected and unperturbed on the outside, she actually dotes on her students a great deal, and uses stern methods to arouse the students’ fighting spirit, cultivating a sincere teacher-student relationship between the two parties.

Linda, “Those bowling competition scenes are very touching, and upon seeing the students win, everyone claps excitedly, and they even throw me up into the air, and those scenes are all really very memorable. I am very glad to be working with these students, and seeing their youthful selves fresh out of the training class (TVB acting class) and their enthusiasm and diligence when acting in the drama allows me to have much hope in the new generation, that we will have even more successors in the future. Although this is the ‘Y Generation’, and the same can be said for those of my age, these people are even younger than myself, and are forward-looking and futuristic in their aspirations, and they also work very hard towards their goals. Although it has been a year since the end of the filming of this drama series, they still call me ‘Miss Cool’ whenever they see me. Every few months, they would also gather together for a meal, and invite me along to show respect. This group of youths are really very good-natured and worth doting on.”

Second Favourite Role
Linda remarks excitedly that Miss Cool is her second favourite role in all of her 6 years of acting.
Linda, “I have always had chances to act different characters such as an old person, Mongkok’s ‘wet’ girl, tomboy, a really rich girl, pitiful Sheung Joi Sum (Moonlight Resonance), or the happy and cute ‘girl-next-door’. However, the role of a cool and composed, pretty and stylish girl this time is one that I do not get to play very often; and wearing clothes that are very feminine, such as leather pants! Although the makeup is simple, the feel is cool and stylish, and fits the character of Miss Cool very well. Her calmness is not just depressing, but is really stylish and this is a feeling that she has never tried before; it is genuinely really cool! In the drama, Miss Cool’s speech is limited to two sentences at a time, and she would not smile or laugh, and often has only a poker face, with no real expression at all. Conversely, Law Sir is very humorous, and the two of them are really worlds apart. No matter how much Law Sir insults and disturbs Miss Cool, she exhibits no response and shows no inkling of reciprocation, bringing the level of comedy to an even higher level. However, everyone knows that Moses Chan has a highly humorous nature, and it makes it difficult for me to keep from laughing. But once I get deeply immersed in the nature of Miss Cool, and slowly trained myself to develop the “not bother with you no matter what, don’t disturb me” personality, no funny thing Moses does can trigger a response from me; how cool is that?!”

A Professional Bowler
Apart from successfully acting out the cool nature of Miss Cool, Linda even became a professional bowler for the sake of the drama.

Linda, “My character this time includes the element of sport, because Miss Cool is a professional bowler, and the school team’s bowling coach. Due to this drama, I had to learn how to bowl properly. Before this, I also did play, but all my posture was wrong, I always just used both hands to hurl the ball out onto the lane. This time, I went with the students to the bowling alley for classes, and had more training, because I hope that all the scenes of me bowling would be genuinely filmed (by me), so when I filmed for this occasion, I always communicated fully with the director, hoping that each shot would be done in one take. When viewers see that I really roll the ball out and get a strike, the effect would be even more genuine. Hence, I really managed to do it, and neither looked to a substitute for help, nor did I rely on splicing the clips. It was all done in one take, and when I watched the playbacks, I really felt that I was very cool and stylish!”

Magazine scans credits: KeithMa1991@sina

Lynne: Omg! So good to hear more about Linda's character =D thanks Bell!! Haha, nice to see Linda playing as a teacher, since I remember she wanted to become one when she was small (before she became an actress) right? Love her fashion in here ;) Really cool/relax looking =D

Side Note: Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to become a teacher too...and that's what my future career is going to be xD