Linda Chung’s secrets to slimming

A healthy and slim body is every woman’s life ‘responsibility’, and became a global trend all over the world many years ago. Similarly, in among Hong Kong women, many are true followers of the ‘healthy and fit body’ trend, even if one already has an admirable slim figure, one still has the two words ‘slim down’ as one’s life motto.

The much-admired Linda Chung has a slim and trim figure, and had already been filming advertisements for slimming food product companies. Lately, Linda also became the spokesperson for a fitness company, with large advertisement boards in every MTR station. As spokesperson, Linda would of course be able to enjoy the company’s various slimming courses, but she feels that in order to genuinely become slim, other than having a fit appearance, more importantly, one has to be fit on the inside. To really become ‘fit’, one has to not only focus on the external appearance but to persevere in keeping that figure.

Linda recently finished filming the drama series [Jiujiang’s Wine], following that on her tight schedule is the next drama series [Detectives Liza and God] until May, and later there will be another drama series following close behind in terms of timeline, and coupled with the promotion for her new March CD [My Private Collection], one could say that Linda practically does not even have time for lunch.

Although Linda has been taking on job after job, she still does not forget to watch her body, health and to preserve her pristine condition on her body. Even if she has not enough time for sleep, she still manages to squeeze out some time for beauty courses and fitness/slimming treatments.

On the topic of skinny figures, needless to say, Linda has help from the organization, but as to inner beauty, how does Linda take care of this area?

Linda comments, “First, of course, is to eat healthily. For example, even when I am busy filming daily, I would still definitely not eat snacks or takeaway lunch boxes and leave it at that. Even when my schedule is really tight, I will still prepare a healthy vegetable salad before I leave home, so that I can eat healthily in-between my hectic filming sessions.” Although Linda was born with natural beauty, but the perseverance in the upkeep of that beauty is also important, and Linda definitely manages to cover this aspect fully.

Covering Herself on all Grounds

As an artiste, being able to restricting her diet to healthy foods in daily life, it is impossible to skip all sorts of public functions, be it company functions or celebrations for the successful completion of a drama series’ filming. In order to avoid disruptions in her healthy diet due to such functions, Linda always has post-measures to detoxify her body after every function.

Linda remarks, “If I eat more than usual on that day, I would choose to take some hawthorn to detoxify my body. This is because hawthorn is sour and can help in digestion, even if I were to eat a few more meals, it would help in the digestion of the food.” Actually, apart from eating hawthorn as this ‘post-measure’, she also has many ‘pre-measures’ put in place, such as the frequent consumption of water, in order to make herself feel full, and thus allowing herself to eat less during these functions. With all these measures put into place, if Linda ever wanted anyone to make herself look fat, she would have to depend on the makeup artist!

Homemade Skinny Noodles

Although many girls nowadays eat very little, whenever they face a mirror or a camera, they always feel that they are fat, and it looks like the problem could be due to the facial features. Actually, dieting on the face and the body are both equally important. If the fats on the face are in excess, this would not only bring about negative impacts to the facial appearance, and will affect one’s overall beauty as well. On the flipside, when girls with small cute faces have extra fats, they can still look cute with the right kind of matching clothes and colours. Similarly, to Linda, who has a small, cute face and small ribbon mouth, what tips do you have for girls with round faces to solve the problem of appearing fat?

Linda answers, “I once heard someone say that chewing more gum could help to improve the looks of one’s facial features, because eating gum regularly would be equivalent to doing facial exercise. Of course, I can’t be sure how scientifically accurate this is. The only thing I am sure of is that doing more facial treatment or facial massage for yourself when you are free could help stimulate the muscles on your face. This way, even if there are no immediate slimming effects, the massage, at least, would be able to help reduce the number of wrinkles and prevent the muscles from becoming limp."

This year, the young and beautiful Linda Chung already has quite a substantial amount of knowledge about both outer and inner beauty. It’s not surprising that she would have been able to star in Mainland dramas 2 years ago, with such a good physical condition, except that she was unable to do so as the dates coincided with another drama she was supposed to be filming for. Having said that, there is a high possibility that she leaves her maiden home (TVB) to become a high-flying actress after succeeding Charmaine Sheh.

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