Tvb Weekly Vol.718 - Sunny Chan the distillery worker’s perfect life

In the drama [Jiujiang's Twelve Mills], Sunny Chan had always been madly in love with Linda Chung, but his love unfortunately ended tragically. The two of them in the new drama [Jiujiang's Twelve Mills] (previously known as [Jiujiang's Wine]) finally continue in the relationship between them, which ends happily for both parties. Sunny Chan, who acts as a worker in the wine distillery, remarks joyfully, “I am so happy to be able to work with Linda Chung again, this time our relationship will end in bliss. We will get married, advance in our careers (start a business), have children—our ending will be extremely perfect and complete.”

A perfect ending
In [Ghost Writer], Sunny Chan and Linda Chung’s relationship ended tragically, but in [Jiujiang's Twelve Mills], the two of them will continue their predestined love relationship and end up happily together.

Ended up according to will
In the drama, Sunny Chan had always aspired to become a wine distillery worker, and he really became one in the end!

Exchanging tips on acting
Even though Bowie Lam and Sunny Chan had known each other for many years, the two of them had never collaborated before. The two professional actors finally managed to exchange tips on acting in [Jiujiang's Twelve Mills], and of course, the ones that benefit from this are the viewers.

Article scan by 阿Kin_l@sina