[Clip] Yes Sir, Sorry Sir Promotion Event 14/04/11

credits RonOnline

Moses Chan: "Happy birthday to me".

Agnes Lam: "Your birthdays are in the same month".

Linda Chung: "Yes, I just...."

Moses Chan: "Yes! Happy birthday!"

Linda Chung: "Thank you! Thank you!"

Agnes Lam: "Send wishes to each other first".

Moses Chan: "Yes".

Linda Chung: "Happy birthday! You and my sister....."

Moses Chan: "When?"

Linda Chung: "Are the same".

Agnes Lam: "Really?"

Linda Chung: "You and my sister have the same birthday".

Moses Chan: "Really?!"

Angie Mak: "Moses Chan, who likes to tell gags and reacts fast, will be having a birthday tomorrow. Yesterday, the series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" had a press conference and a birthday party because the series' Linda Chung, Queenie Chu, and Jess Sum are also April birthday girls".

Moses Chan: "I shot it with a lot of technique".

Angie Mak: "The series revolves around a group of teachers in a school. Wow, why does Moses have a gun? Because he is a mole. Yesterday, they also took the opportunity to play around with Law Lok Lam, who was acknowledged internationally because of having died four times within 36 hours".

Jones Lee: "Lam Lok Lam dies again? After becoming the talk of the town from dying four times within 36 hours, he has died again today".

Angie Mak: "This school has good people, bad people, and certainly some lovers as well. Actually, how is the many-angled relationship among Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, and Tavia Yeung?"

Moses Chan: "Miss Ho is my cup of tea. Look at my gun".

Ron Ng: "You only drink coffee!"

Ron Ng: "Why would Tavia captivate Moses and Ron? Why like her in the series? She definitely has her own charisma, such that her inner beauty is let out. What?"

Angie Mak: "However, there was a major discovery during the interview".

Agnes Lam: "You are more compatible!"

Tavia Yeung: "Linda, come here".

Agnes Lam: "Saying that your outfits clashed!"

Tavia Yeung: "What clashing outfits? This is called compatibility".

Linda Chung: "What? What?"

Tavia Yeung: "This is called happening to coincide".

Linda Chung: "We...."

Tavia Yeung: "Happening to coincide...."

Ron Ng: "Can [you] not be so manly?"

Linda Chung: "We didn't call each other. However, don't know why.... Before heading out the door, I was thinking...."

Tavia Yeung: "Was seized by a whim...."

Linda Chung: "Was seized by a whim.... It seemed as though there was some kind of feeling telling me not to dress like this. Afterward, I dressed like this".

Ron Ng: "Although their shirts are clashing, their pants aren't clashing, okay?!

Angie Mak: "Is there a solution to this clashing outfits incident? Yes, just behave and say the slogan together".

All: "'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!' Grand broadcast on Monday at 9:30pm!"

credits hyn5 for translation