Yes Sir, Sorry Sir Trailer 3

credits linda garden

Thoughts: Hm...I wonder if Linda will really end up with Moses or not, since he also likes Tavia. Also in the synopsis, though Tavia is attracted to Ron, the person she really loves is Moses......Also, will Ron and Linda have any relationship?? Haha, can't wait to watch this!!!! xD


  1. TaRo!!! Tavia and Ron forever!!! I think they look better together. and it kinda fits 'cuz they're like, best buds! Does anyone know how it ends?!?!? Can't wait! Ron looks so hot!

  2. Haha on one hand, I love Linda and Ron together, but on the other, I also love TaRo xD My all time #1 couple though is TaRO <3 they are so cute whenever they're together xD

    No..haven't seen any spoilers for the ending yet xD