[News] Leanne Li encountered loud directors, fortunate none used violence on her

Yesterday Leanne Li attended an autumn-winter fashion show in Citywalk as a guest model. She reveals she is currently shooting for TVB new series A Great Way To Care II, where she and Ram Chiang play a couple. She explained because of their height s, Ram will be accommodating her to wear higher heels to pull in their height difference. In reality, Leanne believes there is no need for her boyfriend Wong Cho Lam to do the same, "I'm tall, he's short. We had always been like this, it is not necessary to go deliberately try to change this fact. The height difference will not affect anything."

Leanne reveals she will soon be playing sisters with Linda Chung in a new series. The girls both came from Vancouver, and participated in MCI together, so they especially get along. As for Director Cheung Wing Ho used violence to teach newcomer Jenny Lau how to do the scene? Leanne expressed she collaborated with Director Cheung four years ago, at the time he loudly scolded her on how to do the scenes as well, "Back then, he was very loud. I was a newcomer then and whoever talked loud to me scared me! But I'm thankful nothing violent happened to me! I saw the reports about Jenny and felt shocked myself." She said every individual has different styles, it's hard to judge whether who is right or wrong. She also expressed she doesn't think this is a publicity stunt: "I don't think the incident was deliberately done for publicity. Over the last many years, my most severe record was NGing 8-9 times. A director once asked me: 'Are you from another planet? Don't understand Chinese?'"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: I'm very happy to hear that Linda and Leanne will play as sisters!! They've become close friends after the pagneant...so nice to see them working together!!