[News] TVB Calendar Reborn in 2013 - Linda Chung & Bosco Wong heavily promoted to take the lead

(January 2009 Calendar)

Since 1998, TVB was shooting their official calendars annually, but in 2010 it was put on hiatus because Mona Fong was being "stingy". It has already been two years since TVB stopped making a calendar, but this year, new boss Chan Kwok Keung revives the TVB Calendar for 2013. Last week, heavily promoted FaDans and Siu Sangs were all appointed to begin the photo shoot. In January there will be hot on-screen couple Bosco Wong and Linda Chung from Witness Insecurity, along with Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui and Aimee Chan. It was understood, the five of them will be dress up glamorously to match the New Year's party atmosphere. Bosco, Linda and Kate had the most fate as this is their third time together on the same month. In 2009, they were the stars on the month of January as well. This will also be Linda and Raymond's third year as January stars (2008, 2009 and 2013). In February, the month of Lunar New Years, there will be Michael Miu, Roger Kwok, Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung and Fala Chen. [Ron revealed, he already did the photo shoot with Him Law, Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong, Edwin Siu, Jason Chan and Chris Lai. They will be on the month of April.] [Myolie will be on the calender with Moses Chan and Wayne Lai, not sure which month yet.]

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung were a popular couple in the series Witness Insecurity, and are arranged to take the lead to be on the first month of the year, January. Linda said: "Since my debut in the industry, I have to thank TVB for giving me so many opportunities. I don't think there is any one particular month that is emphasized more. In fact, each and every month is equally important. I'm already happy to be part of it. I never thought of which month I should be on." Following Raymond Lam, Linda and Bosco had recently became a popular on-screen couple, she happily said: "We aren't a couple in real life. For this pairing to be so well-received by audience is rare, I'm very lucky. I've collaborated with Raymond many times before, and now with Bosco, there is a refreshing feeling. I hope in the new year, there will be another chance for Bosco and I to be a couple again."

Bosco is also a heavily promoted artist by TVB, he modestly said: "I don't have this feeling, everyone is just as important. Of course I'm happy to be part of the calendar." As for being on the month of January with Linda, is it because of Witness Insecurity? He said: "I think so because there was such positive reactions before and audience liked the pairing. (Do you hope to collaborate with Linda again?) Good!"

Moving on to February, the Lunar New Year month, it is the month most important to Chinese people. TVB arranged Michael Miu, Roger, Michael Tse, Tavia and Fala to be the stars of this month. The background is going to filled with the red theme color. As TVB said the photo shoot is going to be low-key, when Micheal Tse saw reporters, he mischievously tried to cover his face. Reporters later contacted Michael Miu, who was dressed in a suit and bow tie. He joked and said its a disadvantage being on February: "There's only 28 days in February, two days less than all the other months. (TVB stopped making calendars two years ago?) I don't remember. It's a good thing with the new boss."

As for Roger, he joked: "It's been two years since there's been a TVB calender, I couldn't eat or sleep in the last two years! TVB calenders are very representative. Each year, the photos are very beautiful and taken seriously. Of course it's best to keep the tradition going! The happiest is there is another platform for artists to promote. Haha!"

Source: Singtao, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Yes! The calendar is finally back! I missed it so much T-T Can't wait to see this! and OMG BODA!!! :D  I think after Steven, Bosco is my second fav costar of Linda's ;)