[News] Linda Chung & Ruco Chan dressed in 90s costumes for new series "Big Wheel"

Yesterday Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Louis Yuen and Louise Lee attended TVB new series Big Wheel (巨輪) costume fitting. Because the story happens in the 90s, the artists went back in time and had the look of the 90s. Linda expressed her personality still revolves around the 90s and she occasionally watched TV series during that period. She has profound memories of this time period and is confident she can handle her character. In the series, Linda is romantically linked with Ruco, she frankly expressed this is her first collaborate with him and believes they'll be able to set off new sparks. She reveals they will have intimate scenes as well. Also, Linda is very happy to be sisters with her good friend Leanne Li: "We are basically very close friends, so there is no acting involved."

Linda discloses TVB is going to produce a 2013 calendar and she has collaborated with Raymond Lam three times in the last 5 years, Bosco Wong two times. Each time, they are on the month of January together. Reporters asked if this represents she's the 'First Sister'? She expressed she still has a long way to go before she can be First Sister. When speaking of last year at the anniversary awards, she was a hot favorite for 'My Favorite TV Female Character Award', but she didn't win, does she have confidence this year? Linda said last year she had the greatest opportunity to win, but still lost. She doesn't dare to put her hopes up too high, just let nature take its course. Last year, she did indeed think, for a moment, that she was going to get the award, but she ended up losing and accepted the fact calmly.

As for Ruco Chan, his look resembles 'Wah Dee', but he didn't want the audience to focus only on his costume, he hopes there will be a balance. When asked if he's excited for the intimate scenes with Linda? He played dumb: "I didn't know, but that's good. She is a person that can get people moved." Ruco exposed in advance that he also has intimate scenes with Ankie Beilke, "It's a little more than a kiss scene. (Bed scene?) I don't know yet." Edwin Siu plays Ruco's younger brother, he envied him for having so many girls, "I only have Kristal Tin!" The cast will be shooting in Macau later.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/