[News] Ruco Chan Pushed to First Line: Coupled with Linda Chung

TVB will be filming the 30-episode grand production "Big Wheel", which goes through different decades. Produced by Amy Wong, the male leads are TVB's new siu sang Ruco Chan and the recently heavily promoted Edwin Siu. The story is about the two's brotherhood. The two will go from 20 years old to 50 years old. TVB is also spending money by planning to film in Macau for a month. Producer Amy Wong expressed that TVB is investing a lot to film this time. The storyline will film from 1991 to 2013. Because Ruco's character is a police officer in the beginning, there will be many action scenes, and will also be a pair with Linda Chung in the series. Other actors include Kristal Tin, Louis Yuen, etc.

Edwin Siu Excited to Be a Lead

When reporters interviewed Ruco over the phone, he frankly said that he would be collaborating with Linda for the first time: "Actually, she is actress I really like...gives people a feeling that is very comfortable. In the series, I like her a lot, but there will be some triangle relationship". When talking about having to film action scenes, Ruco frankly said that, although having to film three series consecutively, form is extremely good...believe to be able to handle it. As for Edwin, he expressed that he will be having a significant role for the first time...really anticipating it. When being interviewed, he expressed that, since he is a Foshan person in the series, has to do a more Mainland feel. When talking about TVB promoting him to become a first-line siu sang position, he said, "I accumulated a lot these few years. Have gone from a few episodes to a lead now in these two years...feel very excited. (Many people left, so there are opportunities?) People can see when everyone works hard". Linda also expressed having anticipation for this series. When talking about collaborating with Ruco for the first time, she frankly said that she is happy, and even praised him for being a good actor.

FYI: Before Moses Chan was pulled out of this series, he and Ruco were supposed to play brothers, and the series was supposed to take place in the '80s.

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Thoughts: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I would not have expected this to be a grand production before! Haha Great casting choices!!!!!!!!! CAN"T WAIT TO FIND OUT MORE ;D Sounds interesting so far!