[Magazine] Sudden Weekly vol.894 - Linda’s mother ‘follows’ her around

Good girl Linda has always been a saver, spending very little money and saving it all for her family. At the end of last year, she bought a handbag worth 6 figures for her mother as a Christmas present. This year, “Sudden Magazine” discovered that she had used HK$15 million to buy a house in Vancouver for her family to live in!

Besides working very hard to earn money for her family, Linda also brings her mother along to work related functions. On the 9th of September, she brought her mother along to the “2012 Top Ten Healthy Stars Awards” [健康第壹大獎 2012] ceremony and was seen accompanying her throughout the venue. On the day, Linda was busy doing various interviews and her mother stood quietly backstage. She did not have a chance to talk to her beloved daughter until the ceremony had concluded. However, as soon as the cameras started rolling, Linda created a very awkward atmosphere by not admitting [that the lady there was] her mother. In actual fact, Linda only did this because she was afraid that her mother would be caught on cameras which she did not want and her deed was well-intentioned.

Linda continues to walk away whilst her mother calls her. In order to protect her mother from getting photos taken of her, Linda pretended to not hear her mother call her, which made her seem like she was ignoring her mother and being unfilial.
Backstage, Linda’s mother held her beloved daughter’s bags. It was hard work for her mother who had to hold 3 bags.
Linda and her mother are very close and she even posted photos of food her mother had cooked for her on weibo.

Source: Linda Garden
Translated by Alanna@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/