Witness Insecurity as Mooncakes Commercial - 04

Linda: Jojo, I want to ask, you and Hui Sir spoke earlier, what did he say?

Jojo: We spoke about you having insufficient courage to speak to him.

Linda: Really?

Jojo: Whether if it's the truth or not, love can really bring couples to be very obsess with each other, like living in a dream.

Linda: The things you speak about are really...deep?

Jojo: Let me teach you. With love, once you find the right one, you must not let go.  Similar to almonds meeting black sesames, taro meeting coconut milk.  If you haven't tried it, you wouldn't even know they matched!  Not only do they match, did you know almonds has moistening properties, black sesame has hair strengthening properties, and the fibres of taro aid the movement of large intestines? They all bring a lot of healthy benefits!  In summary, you need to grasp onto happiness at every opportunity.

Linda: So what should I do now?

Jojo: You're still asking? Mid-autumn festival is arriving soon, you better buy a box of snow-skin mooncakes for my cousin to demonstrate your love!

Source: tvbchannel
Translated by: Jwan@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/