[News] Chin Kar Lok 'cheats' on game show winning HK$16,000 air tickets for honeymoon

Soon-to-be-groom Chin Kar Lok recorded the final episode of All Star World Exam with the other guests Nancy Sit, Sharon Chan and Linda Chung. He reveals he hopes to win on this game show, so he could get the air tickets for his trip around the world honeymoon with Angela Tong. He hopes everyone would let him win this. Nancy joked "I know what to do" and recommended herself to be the nanny, so she could go with them on their trip around the world and help babysit. Chin Kar Lok laughed: "Just for 'Nanny Nancy', I don't mind paying out of pocket for another ticket." With everyone's help, he was able to become the big winner of the night, with HK$22,000 prize money and two business class air tickets valued HK$16,000. Chin Kar Lok expressed the next time Angela goes for her ultrasounds, she will find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, "But she said she won't tell me."

Director Cheung Wing Ho publicly apologized to Jenny Lau, and accepted a warning letter from TVB. Chin Kar Lok supported this outcome: "I don't hope to see hostility amongst colleagues. These things are not good things for the entertainment industry as a whole. Should we be fighting and scolding one another every day?"

Although last time Linda won in the game, her father didn't believe her. She said: "Dad said he's already old and still haven't had the chance to go on a trip around the world, which has given me a lot of pressure. If I don't win, I will just have to pitch from my own wallet to treat him on a trip to Europe."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/