[News] Linda Chung Supports Public Voting for TV King and TV Queen


Linda Chung will be releasing an album at the end of November. When asked about whether she had confidence in becoming TV queen, she said, "Last year, playing Miss Koo was very nerve-racking and very laborious...this time, will just carry a normal heart". She also thinks that public voting for TV queen and TV king is a good thing, but hopes that the server would not crash again. The most ideal is 50 percent audience voting and 50 percent decided by the executives. She thinks that Kenneth Ma will take TV king because he has played a variety of roles, has breakthrough [performances], and acting is stable enough.

Source: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/2012/09/linda-chung-supports-public-voting-for.html

Thoughts: I do think Linda has a good chance for TV queen this year...she's got so much series where she could show different sides of her acting, unlike in the previous years where she had those "sweet, innocent" girl roles :) And if not, I'm pretty sure she have huge chances for my favorite female characters!