[News] Linda Chung wants to break into singers' circle, hope to befriend Kelly Chen & Joey Yung

In 2008, Linda Chung jumped from television to the music industry and since then she started developing in both areas. Just a blink of an eye and its already been 4 years, but in the last year she's been shooting one series after another, thus giving her no time to sing. She doesn't even have the time to rest. Recently, she completed TVB series Ferris Wheel Happiness, she finally has some time to prepare for her upcoming album. Linda's an actress and singer, she frankly expressed the past few years, the path in the music scene has been difficult. Linda felt she couldn't fit into the singers' circle or the industry.

In the past, Linda's album covers were focused on sorrow, but this time it's a harmonious theme. To build the joyous and blessed feeling, she had a heart drawn on her hand. Aside from participating in the concept of her album cover, Linda is also recording 11 new songs. She personally composed and wrote the song Friendship Is That Simple (tentative title).

Linda said: "Actually in the past two years, my mentality changed a lot. I'm a lot more relaxed now and I smile more. In this album, I think it conveys the changes I've gone through and brings out a positive energy, so a lot more colors are added to the concept. This wasn't seen in the previous three albums."

Although this is her first album with Stars Shine, she expressed she is not nervous. Again, Linda mentions her mentality changed and revealed the pressure she got from balancing between acting and singing was frightening. "I went from a television actress to a singer, what I feared most was giving people the thought that I'm just playing around and wasn't serious about it, so I really put in the effort into my singing and gave myself a lot of pressure. When I got on stage, I easily got nervous and had stage fright. The most memorable moment was my first year as a singer, every time I got on stage to accept the newcomer awards, I would get so stressed that I would get sleepless nights because I'm not a good speaker. I was really worried I would say something that isn't generous enough or appropriate. Many times I leave out a lot in my acceptance speeches. Then I would really regret it and blame myself. I remember at the TVB8 awards ceremony, I ended up crying." Today Linda didn't just grow up, she also learned to enjoy and relax herself, breaking away from the world of pressure. "Perhaps I'm older now, I began to understand that I should speak from the heart and should just let nature take its course on everything, there is no need to force anything, then it is much more comfortable."

Very Miserable Without Any Friends

On stage for a minute requires 10 years of work offstage. When singing live on stage, it is already difficult enough for a singer to pay attention to both their singing and breathing, but having to fit into the singers' social circle was also a difficulty for Linda. "After all I'm focused on acting. When I'm with other singers, I felt like I didn't really fit in. It is not because they aren't friendly, but rather every time I finish singing a song, I'm in such a hurry to leave so I could get back into filming, I basically had no time to get accustomed or communicate with anyone. Actually within a circle, it is extremely miserable without any friends. I hope this year there will be changes for me. I will take initiative and chat with other singers. I'll officially break into the singers' circle."

Who does Linda want to chat with the most? "I really want to meet Kelly Chen, I really like her. Also, she's a straightforward person. I want to talk to Joey Yung as well because she's good at everything she does. Whether if its her singing or dancing, she can really bring a strong and positive atmosphere. I want to know how much effort she had to put in behind the scenes."

Source: Mingpao Weekly, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Thoughts: A nice article to read :) Everywhere we go, it's best to have a few friends that you can talk too...reading this really reminds me of myself, trying to make friends for the past week in university. It's hard! And I totally get what Linda means by feeling like she doesn't fit in.

Anyways, seems like Linda is looking forward to knowing more people :) Wish her the best! And I am glad that her album will be a happy this time around...always boost up the mood singing happy songs, rather than sad ones ;)  Haha so cute how she drew a heart on her hand.